Cameron Describes EDL Rioters as Sick

EDL riot in ElthamThe final days of the EDL could be coming as Prime Minister David Cameron described EDL members as the sick after getting involved in rioting with the police in Eltham, south London last night. Cameron made the comments during an emergency House of Commons debate and was responding to a question by Labour MP for Eltham, Clive Efford.

Whilst the police services are stretched to the limit, 200 drunken EDL members attacked police with bottles and yelled abuse at  black kids on a bus.

Cameron made his comments on the English Defence League following claims their supporters were among gangs of vigilantes who attacked police in Eltham last night, saying: “I described parts of our society as sick and there is none sicker than the EDL”.

On the tuesday night, Clive Efford spoke of the people who had spent the day working on operation #riotcleanup and  EDL members took to the street of Eltham, the  group had been drinking all day and tied up much needed police presence in a time when out police service is stretched to the limit.

The English Defence League leadership were unrepentent and failed to condemn their actions and released this statement on their Facebook page:

None sicker than the EDL? Are you for real Cameron? Why dont you try living in the areas we live in, where we have had PC madness and multiculturalism forced onto us by Liebour and now your lot without being consulted or actually taught to integrate ourselves.You and your mp chumps should try living on the estates and areas that we live in instead of your posh avenues. Your a disgrace and im sorry to say i voted you in. Before throwing wild accusations about why dont you have a meeting with us?

One member of the EDL blamed the government for the EDL being infested with violent racists who fight with the police and suggested it was the government’s responisbility to rid the EDL of the ‘bad members’

Tom Lambie Instead of giving negative publicity to the EDL, they should be working WITH you to help filter out the bad members (which I’d say are a small minority).

A Muslim offered his opinion and he was immedately banned and subjected to racist abuse

Danny Eai Anglian labour is spelt wrong 4 a reason u muppet u stupid muzzi twat

and another, this one has been up six hours

Jack Ashmore Waqaan obviously a lil mug fuck him.. No life lil prick come on here to stir!..lmao aint he got fukal else to do.. Go play wiyaself cos as ugly as u r u cunt u aint neva guna get a girl.. Oh shit u aint allowed to wank are ya u MUZZIE CUNT??.. Ur really fuked aint ya feel well sorry for ya…! Fukin mug!!

Whilst Darren suggests it was blacks who started the riot and the EDL cannot be hold responsible for fighting with the police.

Darren-edl British They can can freedom now, because,some blacks started a riot and lots of scallies joined in when they saw how soft the police were being? Obviously all edl’s fault? HOW?

Hard core racist, Chris Howard makes yet another chilling threat.

Chris Howard Soon they will leave us with no voice at all……..if that day ever comes, the time for talking will be over, a time for something else will begin.

Mark Woods tries to take credit from the work of the 16,000 police, despite the EDL attacking the police last night

Mark Wood ‎4 nights of riots with police trying to stop it. 1 night of EDL and football firms and it all goes away and wot thanks do we get!!!

And other members gave up all pretense that they are non racist and only against muslim extremists

Mark Peacock the muslim scum wanna war fucking bring it arm yaself wit bats lol dnt make me laugth u gunna need fucking tanks to destroy us u inbred cunts LETS FUCKING AV YAS !!!!!!

Cameron went on to say that police will be allowed to ask members of the public to remove face coverings if there is suspicion of criminality. The EDL are well known for wearing face masks at their violent demonstrations.

Late afternoon another statement appeared stating they are intent on going on with the demonstration on Saturday, despite the current situation, taking up more police resources.  it is not known if Telford Council have yet applied for a ban.

The trouble in Eltham comes only two weeks after their Plymouth Division attacked a family run restaurant and several members were arrested.

In a separate thread on the main Facebook wall, EDL Melanie Ellis from Ely, Cardiff had this to say about the three Asian men who were killed by a hit an run driver in Birmingham. The EDL’s facebook admin has deleted many posts from people poiting out their racism but hours later, this remains.


Over in Watford, two men have been charged with violent disorder.  21 year old Matthew Tibble from Charter Place in Watford has been charged with having an article with intent to destroy or damage. 33 year old Phil Padon (EDL London Division) of no fixed address is charged with violent disorder. 11 other people are currently on bail pending further inquiries.

In Blackpool, A 21-year-old man, thought to be Liam Wood of the EDL LGBT Division. has been arrested in connection with inciting disorder after messages were posted on Facebook.

He was released without charge following the arrests last night by Lancashire police of three people on suspicion of encouraging or assisting in the commission of an offence believing it would be committed.

Two other people from Nelson and Heysham were also arrested.

Sean Boscott, the man behind the 1,000,000 behind the Supportin the Met Police Facebook Group praised by Cameron, has been outed as a hard core racist after making a series of sickening comments on Twitter.

From the link above, Sean Boscott originally used the “Supporting the Met Police” group to encourage people to follow him on Twitter for his “foul jokes”. But his description of rioters as “these animals” may be have far more sinister undertones than many realise.


Video of EDL and BNP members chasing black youths in Eltham

EDL members running amok in the centre of Eltham (video courtesy of )

EDL members attacking Black Youths on a Bus

EDL Fight Police in Eltham

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