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3rd September 2011

22:02 Late news but possibly the best of news, The Guardian, in their reporting on the demonstration today noted that: “As he began his speech, the EDL’s founder, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, 28, who uses the name Tommy Robinson, appeared to be led away by police. He is under court restrictions after being convicted of leading a fight at a football match in Luton earlier this year.”  So Lennon spends a night in the cells, his entourage spend the night pouring over maps trying to figure out just how far outside Tower Hamlets the Aldgate actually is, and Tower Hamlets itself rests in calm and peace.  Good night all.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/sep/03/edl-march-halted-by-police?CMP=twt_fd

17:50 The BBC have updated their story to include that scuffles had broken out in the EDL ranks and firecrackers had been thrown at the police by the “far right activists”.  They also suggest there were about 1,000 EDL as opposed to the 1,500 anti–EDL who turned out to protest their protest.  That number is not though to include the people of Tower Hamlets, only the people near the EDL protest points.  

17:29 Arrest quotas so far appear to be EDL 73, UAF 0.  Rumour has it that the Oxford coach also suffered its tyres being slashed at a service station.  All in all not the victory that Lennon would have wanted.  In fact about minus 73 + minus 1 arrest pending for Lennon + minus the 800 that never got to Tower Hamlets to do their speeches + minus the 300 that didn’t even get to Aldgate + minus infinity for the bad publicity, the anti-Semitic act of dressing as a Rabbi and being too damned scared to show his face in public, and the total lack of television news coverage throughout the day.  You lose Lennon.  

17:24 People are now on their way home from all sides.  Whatever kicks off later Tower Hamlets varied community has apparently had a lovely day, entertaining the anti-fash at the Mosque while they waited for their coaches, and enjoying renewing the links that bind everyone who lives there, no matter what their colour, religion, age they joined together to rebel the EDL and found their community spirit strengthened for it.  Well done Tower Hamlets – the *real* winners of today!

17:06 Hope not Hate clarifies the arrest situation with this: “Update from Tower Hamlets. It seems that Yaxley-Lennon might have evaded police arrest. Four police officers went to arrest him but he escaped. Either that or he broke free of the police. Will try to find out more.”  There are also suggestions that he legged it and dived into a shop to evade the police.  Let’s hope they land on his doorstep later

16:44 With the residents of Tower Hamlets exuberantly shouting “EDL Defeated” the EDL do what they do best – start fighting with each other.  Of course, what else would they do when they can’t get their hands on anyone else.  

16:23 Footage has appeared showing Stephen Yaxley Lennon being introduced as Rabbi Benjamin Kidderman, complete with hat, coat and false beard.  When his identity was revealed some EDL members threw Nazi salutes and shouted seig while others changed E E EDL .  

16:06 It appears that the big one at Tower Hamlets was never to be for Stephen Yaxley Lennon – they only got as far as Aldgate East Tube Station.  This is where Lennon made his appearance, in full Rabbi disguise, climbing up and giving his winding up speech to the crowd of aobut 300 EDL, the rest having been left behind at Kings Cross.  It was said that Lennon was arrested, however the EDL are now denying this despite his attempts at goading the police and the fact that the crowd broke out into mass chanting and several assaults occured after Lennon called for calm.  Whatever their intent for today the result is that they are now being herded back to their coaches, their trains and their minibusses and being sent firmly on their way home.  Number estimates so far seem to be 800 EDL, 800 UAF and some MDL and other anti-fash.  

15:55 Another update from Hope not Hate: “Update from Tower Hamlets.The EDL protest is over and everything is winding down. Hopefully things will calm down now. Obviously they still have to get them back to Liverpool Street and then Kings Cross but if they can keep them out of the pubs then maybe all will be quiet.” – Let’s all hope so!

15:44 Despite appeals for calm the crowd clearly broke into chanting and cries before the police got in to arrest anyone.  This happened at the same time as someone was arrested for an unprovoked attack on a journalist.  

15:30 “Update from Tower Hamlets.More on Lennon’s arrest. Seems he came disguised as a Rabbi.Bottles are being hurled at police & press from EDL supporters.Also some trouble on Commercial Street between local Bengali youths and police.Things have quietened down now but there are groups of EDL and Bengali youth wandering around the area.

Several hundred EDL supporters who did not go to Kings Cross have not been allowed to join the main EDL demo by police so are wandering around the area in small groups.” – Hope not Hate  This will explain the heavy coat Lennon was seen wearing in the journalists photograph of him giving his speech.  Suspicion has been raised that he intended to get arrested and that he goaded the police knowing that it would result in a riot.  

15:27 Taken directly from HOPE not hate “Update from Tower Hamlets. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has been arrested.He was goading the police that he was breaking his bail conditions and invited them to arrest him. It seems they did just that. Violence breaks out following the arrest.”

15:23 Journalist photo released of Stephen Yaxley Lenon aka Tommy Robinson giving his speech with his cosin Kevin Carrol by his side.  

14:31 Bringing things up to date from Twitter, FaceBook and various other sources reporting from Tower Hamlets.  Reports have been made by EDL members on Twitter and other places stating that the Allah is a pedo chant has been done, there have been nazi salutes, and one Twitter poster has uploaded a video of Kings Cross station where chanting can clearly be heard.  Bangers have been thrown at spectators, the police attacked and the riot dogs have been broken out – sadly the dogs were for the UAF, not the EDL.  Earlier the Liverpool coach was apparently pulled over by the police to do tyre checks.  The SDL are there with their flags unfurled as are Plymouth and other divisions with their banners ready.  Stephen Yaxley Lenon aka Tommy Robinson has been posing for pictures with supporters prior to the event.  


2nd Spetember 2011

14:16 Dun A Ri, Euston Flyer and The Driver are all closinh their doors to teh EDL tomorrow.

13:44 – Jewish Division Leader and extremist, Roberta Moore is said to be attending the demonstration with Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik’s friends, the Norwegian Defence League.  Most EDL members aand some of the leadership have past stated that they wish to inflict violence on Moore.

This could be seen as a deliberate attempt by Moore to destroy the EDL and take over the void judging by the EDL’s hastily set up ‘official’ Jewish group which have six members, none of which are Jewish.

13:30 Euston Flyer and O’Neills pubs state that EDL members are not welcome and will be turned away. RMT threaten to extend their stike to all London stations that teh EDL might try to use.

10:40 Things get even more confused as all the meeting places are change at the last minute


Flying Scotsman – 0207 7837 8271
Dun A Ri – 0207 837 4863
The Driver – 0207 278 8827


1st September 2011

21.11 As more and more are dropping out and desparate please for bums on seats are made on their Facebook page, The Police release demo conditions

17:55 Bradford Division are struggling to pay for their coach, Hull and Dewbury are struggling to fill their coach..

Bradford Division English Defence League (EDL) we are struggling to get our funds in to pay for coach we are short of 350 bar coach is 900. .i am willing to pay double for my self just wonding what everybody else thinks about that. am shore we can get help from our other divisions in westyorkshire.Will keep all informed about the situation.. ns 14 minutes ago

14:59 The RMT have said they will shut down Liverpool Street station on health and safety grounds if the EDL gather there.

10:57 Euro Car Parks and Sainsburys have made it clear the EDL are not welcome to demonstrate in their car parks


31st August 2011

20:15 Due to lack of interest from EDL Members or members bottling it, coaches have been cancelled from Stoke on Trent, Liverpool and Rochdale

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