Prat of the Week – Amanda Kitching

As we have reported recently, there is an English Defence League campaign to get two racists released from their twelve month prison terms.  The two racists in question, Steven Vasey and Anthony Smith, known by EDL members as ‘The Durham Two’ were jailed for attacking a mosque and two businesses owned by a local Asian business man.  The irony is, one of the businesses was a shop selling poppies. 

Their justification for this act of idiocy  was that a completely unconnected Muslim burnt a poppy in Luton.

We think that collective punihsment is a very Nazi type activity so when, Amanda Kitching,  the partner of EDL member Steven Vasey turned up on the group, an EDL News reader asked her to justify it.


Kitchen replied that the connection was muslims and was therefore justifying collective punishment.



That looks like justifying it to us. Kitching had decided she had still not made her point and then went on to claim they did it for the British troops and they didn’t do it because they are a pair of drunk racists.



Well what a shrieky incoherant rant.  The Asian business man and the mosque were attacked because of some story she made up about a baby getting raped. Either that or a fellow prat told her that in the pub as these prats like to wind each other up with made up stories. 

Another thing Kitching should be aware of is that the British troops do not support bald drunk blokes who pretend to ‘defend English’. In fact most of the British troops detest the EDL and the likes of Vasey with a passion. Not only do they not like the whole pretend soldier thing when it is them who are putting themselves on the line, they are also put in more danger by acts of crass stupidity commited the likes of Vasey and Smith.  Click here to find out what the British troops really think of the EDL.

No we can all understand that someone would want to stick up for their partner, but when doing so makes you look like a racist idiot and puts a massive dent in any chance this pair of racist losers have of appeal, it was probably better to keep your nasty racist/fascist views to yourself.

This goes further to prove that the English Defence League members are not just against Mulism extremists, as they claim. Any muslim or brown person is game as far as they are concerned.  Hence many of the north east divisions leaving the EDL and joining more hardcore racist/fascist groups like the Infidels who don’t have to pretend they are not racists.

They are spending a lot of time on their campaign group whining about a two tier system. Yes there is a two tier system, one for those who respect the laws of this country and another for those who do not.  Vasey and his halwit sidekick falls in the later, so we suggest that if Vasey or his partner do not like our laws, they should fuck off out fo the country.

If they choose to stay, they need to accept that targetting an innocent local businessman for racial abuse and harrassment is not acceptable in this country or any other decent country and if it continues he will spend many more years in prison as decent English people do not tolerate this.



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