Racist of the Week – Nat Snelling

EDL Racist Nat Snelling arrested at EDL Angels demo, October 2011Whilst the English Defence League claim they are only against Muslims extremists, EDL Norwich Divison member Nat Snelling didn’t get the memo and has been going to her little girl’s school, taking covert photographs of Muslim women and their children and then putting them on Facebook with disparaging comments. Basically harrassing them and putting their pictures on the internet to encourage her racist EDL mates to mock.

In the first of her creepy photos, Snelling has photographed a Muslim woman and her young daughter in a school corrider and labeled it

‘they are everywhere… here is one of many from my girl’s school’


In the second photo Snelling has captured the same woman sorting something out with her pushchair and labeled it:

‘Whoops she caught me looking lol’ and then went on to brag that she was on her last warning at the Primary School.



EDL News has identified the school involved and have passed this article to the headmaster. We have disguised the identity of the woman that Snelling took the photos of but given unedited photos to the schools.  The school have contacted us to let us know the matter is now in the hands of the police.

Snelling does not confine her creepy obsession to the school. She also takes pictures of Muslims on the street.

This photo shows a woman wearing a head covering and Snelling makes disparaging comments about the woman being a ‘burka wearing fraggle’




UPDATE: Nat Snelling gets Arrested at EDL Angels Demo

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