EDL Sex Pest of the Week – Gaz Walker

English Defence League's Gaz walkerIn days gone by, middle aged far right extremists would get their jollies from a little spot of heavy breathing down the telephone and if they were feeling particulary adventurous, a quick enquiry as to the colour of the victim’s undergarments.  Sometimes they used to dial the wrong number only to get my grandmother, and were greeted with her blowing a high pitched whistle down the phone, which would more often than not put them off their activities for the evening.

With the advent of the computer and the internet, it’s much easier for the right wing pervert to get their jollies.

Meet the English Defence League’s finest, Eastenders ‘Minty’ lookalike Gaz Walker, who has been sending pictures of himself to the EDL’s so called Angels (the badly dressed, drunken female division of the organisation).

He is stood by his front door partly dressed, posing in a provocative position, and looking like a complete twat.

The EDL Angels were not impressed (which must be a massive kick to the ego) and passed his porno photos onto David Bradford (NWI) who then went on to name and shame him.  Walker will be appearing on the 2013 EDL calendar.  You can download the EDL 2012 calendar here.




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