EDL Issues Direct Threat to Occupy LSX

10th November 2011  15:40

The far right English Defence League have this afternoon issues direct threats to Occupy London LSX believed to be in relation to a far right blog that had claimed that protesters sprayed 'baby killers' on the Royal British Legion's poppy stall.

The story from the 'British Patriots Society' website has not been corroborated by either the Royal British Legion or any independent Newspaper outlets.

They are threatening to carry out action against the protesters after '12am Friday' which is thought to mean after midnight tonight. We are unsure whose religion they are referring to.

This comes two weeks after a far right group attacked occupy Newcastle with bricks and one occupier ended up in hospital.

The police have been informed.

More information as we get it.



Those with further information can contact "City Of London Police reference for the threat to Occupy is 6061 COL Police is 0207 601 2222"

And "anything on the 11/11/11 threat at cenotaph is CHS 3633 for Met Police their number is central handling at NYS 0207 230 1212 ask to speak to CO15 officers".


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