170 English Defence League Members arrested at the Cenotaph

English Defence League kick off on Armistice Day

With no Muslims to fight with, the English Defence League have decided to disrupt the day anyway. A group have been arrested for breach of the peace at the cenotaph.

The Met police are reporting 170 arrests for breach of the peace and many were kettled into the Red Lion pub. Where they had been drinking before the ceremony.

It looks like the government are sending the EDL a clear message after cracking down on MAC. The arrests are though to be partly in response to the English Defence League’s threats to OccupyLSX in St Paul’s square. There were also threats made to head to Tower hamlets to confront Muslims.

Their claims to be only against muslim extremists are becoming more and more transparent in light of the fact that MAC are now banned and there were no muslim extremists present today.

Only this morning, EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll were released from a Swiss prison with ‘massive fines’ for occupying the roof of FIFA headquarters in protest at the ban of poppies on England football team shirts. This will come as a massive embarrasment to the organisation who claim they support the troops and have tried consistently to highjack the poppy appeal for their own politcal means.

Only last week they refused to move their poorly attended  Birmingham demo, forcing the Royal British Legion to cancel their launch day.

The Met Police tweeted this just after 11am


Metropolitan Police
A group of members of the EDL have been arrested in C. London to prevent a breach of the peace which was likely to occur elsewhere in London

Soon after the EDL issued the police and the government the following threat
Merseyside Division EDL decided to mark Armistice day by attacking Unite’s offices in Liverpool
By 14:30 Sky News’ Tom Rayner Tweeted that 57 had been arrested.
RT : Met Police: 57 arrestd in Westminster to prevent breach of peace. not confirming whether they are
The Times reported

A source at the Red Lion said officers corralled EDL members into the pub at around 11am in a bid to keep them “in one place”.

But he said elements within the group later became abusive towards staff, with some allegedly leaning over the counter to steal food.

Officers were called back to the premises at around 12.50pm and began to “physically push them out” of the drinking spot, he said.

“Some of the staff aren’t English and they were shouting at them, telling them to say ‘England is better than where I’m from’, and things like that,” he said.

Another source at the pub said rowdy scenes broke out as supporters were removed from the venue.

“They did not want to go,” he added.

“They resisted to the point they were throwing stools at the police and bar staff.

“It was not an average working day. The EDL decided to use this as a base. They were not happy that a number of our bar staff were not English.”


EDL News spoke to the staff later on in the evening and they were calm about what happened and were not too sure who they were. One said, ‘they were all drinking and then the police came in and arrested them.


The Independent has reported that CxF leader, Micheal Rafferty had issued online threats of the use of firemarms had been a major factor, along with the EDL’s leadership’s threats towards OccupyLSX.

EDL New’s team passed all of this information the the Met Police’s CO11 Unit.

Amongst those EDL arrested yesterday was hardcore neo nazi Eddie Stampton

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