EDL Stoke on Trent get banned from Wetherspoons then send us a fake photo

altSaturday 14th January, 2012 – 17:02

This week, we are putting Stoke on Trent Division in Derek Fender Corner for putting on a race hate recruitment meeting, announcing it on Facebook, getting barred from a Wetherspoons when they turned up, and then sending us a photo from November 2010 to prove they were not barred.

Earlier this week, Stoke Division had announced plans to have an EDL meet and greet. Meet and greets are designed for lonely racists to come and make new friends with other like minded racists, and sit round getting drunk and being racist together. Needless to say, the wheels fell off when EDL News caught wind of it.

Their first mistake was letting us know, as a number of EDL News readers contacted the bar manager, who stated, in no uncertain terms, that Wetherspoons does not allow EDL members to meet on their premises (though there is an exception if the police request the place as a muster point before their demos).

Stoke Division were kind enough to send us a photo of them standing outside the Wetherspoons, cold and without any beer, and they sniffily claimed they were not banned, which was about as convincing as a free healthcare offer from Union Carbide..

Look at the date on the poster in the background. The last time 14th November fell on a Sunday was in 2010.  Additionally, several of them are wearing poppies. It was also a sunny day in Stoke today.

Another photo suggests that two out of the fifteen strong group of racists had managed to procure a beer, but the photo was taken outside.

After a few attempts to get them to take a photo of themselves inside the drinking establishment, none were forthcoming. 







This second picture then appeared, and is supposed to suggest they were let in, maybe in November 2010.




In another twist, Gareth Foster appears to be present in the photo. Foster was jailed for ten years in December 2011 forattempting to blow up a mosque in Hanley.




EDL News would like to commend the Wheatsheaf in Stoke on Trent for not allowing racists to spread hate inside their establishment.

UPDATE: Stoke on Trent Division are clearly miffed about getting banned fron Wetherspoons, despite claims on their Facebook wall that they were in the pub and having a jolly good time. They had such a good time they got their badly dressed football hooligan division, the Casuals, to inform us that their meet and greet was cancelled and accused us of being communists.  

EDL News has not come across many communist since the 1980’s which, funnily enough is around the same time that the Casuals last updated their wardrobes.

The casuals went on to inform us they are going to demonstrate outside an anti Fascist film festival in Leeds next weekend as revenge. A film festival which has no connection to us whatsoever.

In all likelyhood it will be a couple of drunk bald blokes hanging around outside whilst the festival goers largely ignore them. Way to go Casuals. Prove you ae not fascist by attacking an anti fascist festival. After their attack on Rock Against Racism last year you can bet there will be a healthy police presence.

EDL News urges anyone attending the festival to bring along clothing and personal hygiene products they may have surplus so we can smarten these fine defenders of England up a bit.



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With thanks to Mr Blackshaw.

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