Violent EDL Thug David Lawyer convicted of murdering Bradford grandfather

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A VIOLENT EDL thug who slashed a man’s throat has been convicted of murdering a Bradford grandfather.

A jury of seven men and five women has returned its unanimous verdict following a two-week trial at Bradford Crown Court.

Clement ‘Butch’ Desmier, 68, was murdered at his home in Rowlestone Rise, Greengates, on August 23, 2012.

Today, his family said the death and what he must have suffered in his final moments would haunt them forever.

During the trial, forensic pathologist Dr Christopher Johnson said the cause of death was multiple injuries, including stab wounds.

Dr Johnson said it was highly likely Mr Desmier’s injuries – which included 60 penetrative puncture wounds to his body from a screwdriver and a single typical knife stab wound to his abdomen – were inflicted while he was sat in his armchair, in the front room of his home.

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  • Cosmic Mastermind

    Frankly this is blatant disinformation. David Lawyer has no connection to the EDL and never has, and even if he had, it would hardly have been considered newsworthy if he were a member of Greenpeace or the Young Conservatives. The EDL is not a “far right” organization except in the imaginations of radicalized leftwingers which is why they have a robust policy of barring prospective members who exhibit racist or xenophobic behaviour.

    The “Telegraph and Argus” newspaper articles to which this article links grossly misrepresent what both the suspects and the police actually said; if you look further into the story, the claimed EDL connection just isn’t there, it was tacked-on because Lawyer was once arrested on the same day after an EDL demonstration.

    • Katie Rawson

      He SAID that he’s EDL. Welcome to reality.

    • Which bit of ‘he has admitted he is EDL’ is your braincell struggling with?

      • dave coppin

        why haven’t you reported about the scumbag who travelled from bradistan to scotland to murder someone for posting on fb “happy easter” sorry my mistake it’s a muslim against muslim hate crime

        • Greenmantle

          But you hate ‘all’ Muslims Mr. Banner, whats with the sympathy?

      • Cosmic Mastermind

        Replace “admitted” with “claimed to be”.

    • “The EDL is not a “far right” organization”

      Okey doke, you keep telling yourself that.

  • dave coppin


    • Greenmantle

      Wassup Davie. Has Max been pissing you off?