Gail Knox plans to drive Muslim family out of their home

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Newcastle upon Tyne far right extremist, Gail Knox is planning to drive a Muslim family out of their home after she spotted them using the local doctors.

Knox saw the family leaving Denton Turret Medical Centre at end of Kenley Road where she lives.

She claims in her vile racist rant that they should not get comfortable as she has already driven some neighbours out who she describes as ‘undesirables’.

Knox has a long history of association with the English Defence League and the North East Infidels.

The screenshot will be passed on to Newcastle City Council and other appropriate authorities including the medical centre.

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  • Good for her, less Muslims means less problems.

    • English Language Defence Leagu

      I think you mean “fewer Muslims means fewer problems”. Learn to speak English before you claim to defend England.

      • I can speak, read and write English perfectly well thanks: my sentence was correct making your critique incorrect.
        As for defending England, on the 23rd June I’m voting out of the Communist network known as the EU. Are you?
        By the way, I can see that you are just trying to cause trouble rather than unite our people – my country would be better off without the likes of you.

        • Jack Tyler

          Steve, you racist idiot, you’re wrong….

          Use fewer if you’re referring to people or things in the plural (e.g. houses, newspapers, dogs, students, children). For example:

          People these days are buying fewer newspapers.

          Fewer students are opting to study science-related subjects.

          Fewer than thirty children each year develop the disease.

          Use less when you’re referring to something that can’t be counted or doesn’t have a plural (e.g. money, air, time, music, rain). For example:

          It’s a better job but they pay you less money.

          People want to spend less time in traffic jams.

          Ironically, when I’m on tour, I listen to less music.

          • I missed your reply as I was too busy celebrating the BREXIT victory. Isn’t it wonderful?!!!

        • MagriderSucks

          you are an russian bitch sporting an uk account

          • Actually I am an English man.

  • Milena O’Reilly

    How can you be so cruel to muslims like English people are fucking saints it’s absolutely disgusting how you can discriminate against people due to their skin colour. There are bad people in every single race let’s see you bring up all he white rapists and murderers are they some how better than muslims?We are all human you fascist pigs
    Muslims come here and work when you get white people who just sit in there fucking houses have about 20 kids and just sponge on benefits how can you be so naive and stupid to say less muslims means less problems are you fucking stupid or something your a waste of life