Lee Rigby’s mother speaks out against Britain First’s party political broadcast

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Britain First are continuing their campaign of misery against the family of Drummer Lee Rigby by broadcasting a party political broadcast for the mayoral election using the murdered soldier’s name, despite repeated requests by his family to cease using his name to promote their far right agenda.

In a statement on the Lee Rigby Foundation website, his mother Lyn made the following statement:

We understand that Britain First are planning to refer to Lee’s death in a party political broadcast to be broadcast tonight on the BBC and ITV and that they filmed close to where he died. The family have always said that Britain First’s views are not what Lee believed in and they have absolutely no support from his family. We have repeatedly asked Britain First and other political parties not to use Lee’s name to promote their views. Britain First also claim that there is no permanent memorial to Lee at the site of his death. There is a permanent memorial to Lee at St George’s Chapel in Woolwich which is what we wanted.” Please feel free to share thank you Lyn Rigby.

The party political broadcast is to promote leader, Paul Golding’s attempt to get himself elected as Mayor of London.  Their literature has made promises such as getting the UK out of Europe and halting immigration amongst many other promised that the Mayor of London has no influence over.

A begging email was sent out to their members last night claiming that they were short of campaign funds and the campaign was set to be a humiliation.

Britain First have stated on their page that:

Both the BBC and ITV are desperately trying to scupper our broadcasts that are due to be shown tonight.
They are demanding a whole raft of last minute changes (that could have been done weeks ago) and new delivery of tapes (that were never asked for or specified and again could have been sorted weeks ago).
What are they playing at?

It is not by far the first time that the far right group have used his name against the wishes of his family. In April 2014 Lyn Rigby wrote how she was heartbroken when Golding had used his name to promote himself on electoral ballots. They have since been asked many times to stop using his picture on their Facebook group.

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  • That’s because she has been bribed by the treasonous state to denounce any opposition to radical Islam.