UKIP Racist John Bell-Kelman‎ attacks GBBO winner Nadia Hussein over Queen Birthday Cake

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Vile EDL and UKIP supporter, John Bell Kelman has attacked Great British Bake Off winner, Nadia Hussein over the fact that she was commissioned to bake a cake for the Queen’s 90th birthday.

One would have thought the Warrington based racist would be busy celebrating her birthday today but he is far to busy spreading his hatred.

On a page called ‘Anti Islam England Division‘ Kelman launches into a foul mouth and abusive rant.

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  • Greenmantle

    Stick him in a phone box with Coppin !.

  • commonsense

    From your ‘About’ section:
    “There is no colour in hate. From those commit horrific acts in the Middle East to those who spread hate, violence and division in our own country – we are against them all”
    So why are all the articles seemingly regarding white British people?
    I’ve lived in lots of countries throughout Europe (including England) and the real extremism seems to come from a certain ‘unintegrated community’ which you never seen to mention. Strange.

    • Greenmantle

      Because this is called ‘EDL News’ or haven’t you noticed?.

      • commonsense

        Yes I had noticed, and if you’d care to read my post you’d see I mentioned and quoted their ‘About’ section where they claim to target ALL extremist groups “whatever their race, sexual orientation or religion”.
        I asked if that were really true then why is every article about white British people?

        • Greenmantle

          I think because the EDL is composed mostly of white, British people and this is news about them, if you cared to have read the title of this site.

        • moodychops

          Stop hiding behind white people,most white people don’t rape children and most fascists do.
          This website exposes YOU and not white people

    • Well said commonsense. This pathetic website only serves to demonize white people and ignores all the crimes committed by non-whites.

      • moodychops

        This website documents the blatant hypocrisy of people like yourself who think only brown paedophilia is bad and that if they shout Allah is a paedo while walking through the streets it makes their own offences acceptable

        • Wrong. I hate all pedophiles of all colours but you scum sucking Marxists won’t even acknowledge that “brown” pedophiles exist. You just ignore the issue because it doesn’t suit your narrative. How pathetic.

          • moodychops

            2 children don’t have a mother today because of your terrorist pals

            BTW no amount of saying “muslims kill more” will ever make it alright

          • not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.

          • moodychops

            Since your pal Tommy Muir assassinated Joe Cox it is obvious that this isn’t true!

            I have an alternative for you


          • LOL getting angry you leftist piece of shit traitor. Whatcha gonna do when UK leaves your beloved communist EU? Cry?

          • Your pal Anjem Choudary radicalized Michael Adebolajo, the killer of Lee Rigby. WHAT AN ANTI-WHITE RACIST FASCIST BIGOT YOU ARE. YOU ARE LITERALLY HITLER!!!!

          • Greenmantle

            Then there’s your mate, Tommy Mair. Wonder who radicalised him, certainly not AC.

          • Greenmantle

            From whom did you nick that phrase from?.

          • alansmithee

            4% of worldwide terrorist activity is connected to Islam.

            Four percent.

            Congratulations, you’ve not paid attention to the world outside your television screen. How does it feel to be this wrong?

            And before you start chucking your toys out of the pram and wailing about where I got my figures from – the FBI publishes these kinds of statistics publicly. Do feel free to check them out yourself.

            Don’t bother replying until you can explain exactly how organisations like ETA fit into your little racist fable. Twat.

          • LOL sounds like you need to retreat to your liberal safe space before you start getting so upset that it affects your motor skills!

          • Greenmantle

            Merfyn Jones?. A white a paedophile as you will ever meet, also right raging Nazi who supposed to campaign against grooming gangs with his missus.
            Doing 17 years now, I believe.

    • Pete Cowell

      I think UKIP try to appeal to idiots who think they care about British people because UK is in the name, because all most people remember about politics is the last propaganda headline they read. Express daily spread anti EU propaganda. They only want to be free from the EU because it’s preventing the few at the top mistreating most British people.

    • Pete Cowell

      I wonder why people seriously think that anti EU Tories and ex Tories in
      UKIP have the interests of most British people? Tories are the party
      who caused more old people to die of the cold than ever before, after
      they stole and sold off public owned energy. They made millions
      unemployed, and left us economy based on not much more than banking,
      which crashes every few years when nobody can pay back debt they’re
      encouraged to live on. Now people are forced to go to food banks, and
      the stupid bedroom tax punishing people for having too many bedrooms,
      with no smaller places to move to, and ex solders dying from not
      affording to refrigerate their insulin.

    • Pete Cowell

      As an English person I noticed that we never see Scottish people crying on Question time because they believed the Tories. They know they’re liars and everything they blame others for can be looked into to see it was really Tories. I find it embarrassing how English people are more fooled by Tory/UKIP propaganda media, into voting for what’s worse for most people and only good for the few at the top. UKIP is full of ex-Tories and Tories have harmed more British people and society than anything from the EU. If we leave the EU then Scotland would be better off leaving the UK and becoming a separate nation in the EU, without ever having another Tory or ex-Tory in UKIP who want to turn us into a USA state and only work for the upper classes and corporate donors. They don’t want EU rules allowing workers enough breaks and making companies label GM ingredients.
      Express newspaper donate to UKIP and Murdoch newspapers want to turn us into a USA state. The Sun was found to be lying

    • Pete Cowell

      I’m also embarrassed how English people take political advice from Boris Johnson. I’m unsure if Boris is stupid or if it’s a clown act to get away with telling Tory lies, as on the same show everybody made a fuss because he said Germany never used chemical weapons in wars, he said an even bigger lie that nobody seems to have noticed, because he said there wasn’t a vote on the 2nd war against Iraq, when more Tories voted yes to it than other Parties. He either doesn’t know what the party he belongs to does, or it’s an experiment to see if all most people really remember about politics is last Tory propaganda headline they read.

  • Wedgie Benn

    You refer to him as Ukip racist,but his only link to ukip is he put a picture of them online
    Its like ,if I put a EDL news, picture in a Facebook page, then said something racist the headline would Be ‘EDL news supporter,in racist slur,,,’

  • Would EDL news care to comment on the 1400 WHITE schoolgirls who were raped by Pakistani Muslim gangs in Rotherham? Didn’t think so.

    • Greenmantle

      It’s because this site is to do with EDL News, such as there is about you arseholes these days.

      • Looks like you are their only fan, I wonder if you are the owner in disguise.

      • david coppin


    • moodychops

      Would you like to comment on the 3000 yellow children william goad raped or the 100’s brown babies richard huckle raped.
      And lets not forget the 2 white English women helped lure those 1400 children in Rotherham to their abuse

      • You mentioned 1 lone weirdo whereas I mentioned gangs comprised of scores of Pakistanis, all working together with the authorities turning a blind eye to their activities for over a decade. These Pakistanis abused and destroyed the lives of children and all you seem to care about is demonizing white people.
        Your mindset: Everything bad in the world is the fault of white people. No brown person has done anything wrong ever. Facts are racist.

        • pop weasel

          It’s not just Pakistanis,at my last count 13 EDL members were convicted peados,that was a few years ago and I expect more have been exposed since then.
          Watch itv documentary called Exposed predators abroad

          • Maybe they were but the fact is the authorities don’t turn a blind eye to white pedos like they did with the Pakistani rape gangs in Rotherham who were able to abuse kids for 10 years with no action being taken.

          • moodychops

            As i pointed out earlier it isnt just brown paedos that the police have turned a blind to so why are you pretending that it is? Its because you are a racist

        • moodychops

          Your mindset is that paedophilia is only bad when brown people do it and that collective guilt is reserved for those brown people

          Authorities have been turning a blind eye paedophile of all colours for more than a decade,ever heard of Jimmy saville,rolf harris,stuart hall,cyril smith?

        • moodychops

          BTW William goad and richard huckle are 2 separate people so that is 2 weirdos and not 1
          But if you want to see the true extent of British people abusing children why dont you watch the documentary mentioned below or do some goggle searches

          Its ok i dont expect you to do so because this is not about the welfare of children is it?

          I found it ironic how EDL members were marching through the streets chanting Allah is a paedo(i am sure they meant Mohamed) and then after venting their outrage of muslim paedophiles Richard Price(one of the leaders of EDL) was going home and making child porn,
          Brett Moses was grooming a 13 year old in Canada and flew there to rape her and Michael Coates was pretending he was as pure as snow while having 14 offences under his belt

          • “your filthy mates abusing children”
            I don’t have any friends that are pedophiles, so are you saying that because I’m white I am to blame for the actions of other whites? You sound like a racist.

          • moodychops

            Yes you are the same as those other filthy scum in your dirty paedo gang called the EDL
            Why are you on here defending this paedo scum?

          • According to you anyone who doesn’t agree with the activity of Pakistani pedophiles is in the EDL
            haha you are such a loser!

          • moodychops

            Anyone who defends edl paedophilia is as bad as the “paki paedos” which i would include you since you have a problem with anyone criticising white paedos

          • moodychops

            I might be a loser but you are the one saying that exposing facist paedos is wrong because they are white

          • I never said anything of the sort, I despise ALL pedophiles of ALLraces, religions, backgrounds etc. My point is that you are unable to agree that Pakistani pedophiles have been rampaging around, unrestricted by the authorities for over 10 years while raping over a thousand underage little girls.
            It seems in your universe that facts are racist when they point to a non white criminal.

          • moodychops

            You are only anti against brown paedos because you are a paedo yourself

          • You are a serial child murderer! tit for tat

          • moodychops

            Paedophiles of both colours have been getting away with it for years and for some reason YOU are only interested in using this for labelling brown people as paedophiles which is why you defend white paedos

          • moodychops

            You must really hate this website exposing your paedo mates and this is why you seek to discredit it

          • moodychops

            In my book there is no such thing as a better or worse paedophile except in severity of the crime.
            A brown paedo is as bad as a white one

            What those scumbags did in Rotherham was unforgivable(i include their white accomplices in that)
            You want to convince people that brown paedos are worse and in doing that you excuse Jimmy Saville,Richard Huckle, and william goad and not to mention all your mates in the EDL

            YOUR mate and LEADER Tommy Robinson made EXCUSES for Richard Price while quietly removing his name from leaflets and giving less of a public profile


          • Once again you are going round in circles and making false accusations.
            First of all, I am not a member of the EDL, Britain First or any other stupid, lout ridden moron movement.
            Secondly, I refer to my previous point and concede that yes, all pedophiles are EQUALLY as bad as each other: white, black, brown – skin colour is irrelevant.
            My point is that the authorities (Police, Council and Social Workers) FAILED the public by not acting on the intelligence they had because they didn’t want to be branded racist as the perpetrators were from an ethnic minority. This is disgusting and considering your previous points you must admit that the law should be applied equally regardless of race, yes?

          • moodychops

            I certainly do think the law should be applied equally

            However i find it quite alarming how little condemnation you have for the authorities for knowingly allowing 1400 girls to be raped!!!!

            I personally think the excuse is bullshit but its good enough for you isnt it? because it fits your racist agenda that has nothing to do with the welfare of children

            This is why
            First ,the police throughout these crimes have had no problem in regards to being seen as racist,the death of Christopher Addler is just one example of thousands

            Second ,unless Jimmy saville and scores of other white paedophiles are brown on the inside why are the police ignoring the plight of children raped by white paedophiles?

            Third, 2 police officers were involved in the rape of these girls one white,one Muslim

          • moodychops

            “First of all, I am not a member of the EDL, Britain First or any other stupid, lout ridden moron movement.”

            Oh no you just defend them on websites like this

          • More lies from a fruitcake leftist. You really are worthless to the world. By the way, seems like you’re the only one defending this trash website, are you the owner too? LOL

          • moodychops

            You to sussed me out!!yes you are quite right i am the website owner,not sure how you worked it out,i guess you used your great intellect.
            As riveting as our correspondence has been i am afraid i am far too busy with work at the moment to continue.enjoy your brexit!

          • I will thanks, BREXIT was a great victory for Britain. Be sure to stock up on tissues, you may need them as the exit process will become very emotional for you.

          • Stop defending Muslim hate preachers like Anjem Choudary and Abu Hamza.

          • moodychops

            So now your filthy paedo mates are killing people who you disagree with you

            Sounds like you want to be ISIS

          • moodychops

            As i said stop hiding behind white people,us decent folk are nothing like you and thats why you are being exposed for what you are a racist paedo defender

          • LOL you are the racist pedo defender, you hate whites and protect dirty Paki pedos who molest white schoolgirls.

          • LOL retard, twist the facts to suit your anti-white agenda.

          • moodychops

            Being anti paedophile is not anti white
            I am guessing that you being anti brown paedophile means that you are a paedo yourself just like Richard Price

          • Hey lefty, you just can’t admit that it’s bad that Pakistani pedophiles raped and abused 100 white schoolgirls in Rotherham, can you? THE TRUTH IS RACIST!!!!

  • Pete Cowell

    It’s sad how people think UKIP care about British people, when the party is full of Thatcherite ex Tories who only don’t want to be in the EU because they feel it prevents the few at the top mistreating British people. They don’t want the EU to make them label GM ingredients in food and allow workers enough breaks. Nigel Farage has employed his foreign wife on tax payers expenses to increase his household finances, but people can’t see reality.

  • Pete Cowell

    I think UKIP try to appeal to types into racism, when nobody points out to them the biggest danger to British people are the anti EU Tories and ex Tories in UKIP who only don’t want to be in the EU because it’s preventing them mistreating most British people, for the few at the top to benefit. More people need to point out the danger to most British people by anti EU Tories and UKIP, who are extreme capitalists who would sell off our country if it made their tax dodging corporate donors more money.

  • Pete Cowell

    Imagine if Scotland become a separate nation in the EU and win Eurovision but England is bottom, showing how much the Tories and ex Tories in UKIP make everybody hate England, for reasons only the few at the top gain from. It isn’t as if there would be a miracle and Tories stop trying to destroy the NHS or stop driving many to food banks, while Scotland have free university education and prescriptions.
    Maybe Scotland leaving UK and becoming separate nation in EU will be the wake-up call people need to not believe all the Tory/UKIP propaganda headlines, to get them to vote for what’s worse for most people. Maybe people will eventually realise the truth when all the ex Tories in UKIP rejoin Tories, and those who voted to be separate end up crying on Question Time and more ex soldiers could be dying from not affording to refrigerate their insulin. Then again Tories will still destroy our whole nation to protect their tax dodging corporate donors and banks, so they will just have to beam Kardashians in people’s faces 24/7 to keep them dumbed down to repeat the anti EU Murdoch and Express propaganda.