EDL declare their London demo an embarrassment

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The English Defence League held a national demonstration in London on Saturday.  Only 50 turned up and those that did were staggering around drunk and high on drugs.

Andrew Edge, leader of the Stockport Division of the far right group has called for the head of the leader, Ian Crossland.




It seems a drunk woman turned up and started a fight with the stewards and Ian Crossland.

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Video by James Cropper (3:30 secs)

EDL bedwetting fascist, Liam Jones turned up for a coach and was barred entry by other EDL members.

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Paul Locke was equally unimpressed.



Andy Edge and Ian Crossland fall out.

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And it looks like they organised the demo without checking park bylaws.  No one could hear them.

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Crossland explains why the demo was one of their biggest disasters

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Crossland appears to have accidentally got photographed with a Refugees Welcome banner.

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Graham Jackson, leader of the South Wales English Defence League has his say about the pissheads though if the pissheads had not turned up there would have been about five of them.

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Meanwhile, in Westminster thousands of people turned up for a different demo to protest against austerity.



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