Andrew Edge looks set to launch English Defence League Leadership Coup

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After the embarrassment of their London demonstration last weekend, Andrew Edge is set to make a ‘major announcement’ this evening which will ensure the far right English Defence League splits further.

After 50 of them turned up in London drunk, Edge has decided he wants to do things differently and has already had a spat with current leader, Ian Crossland.

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Liam Jones aka Liam Walsall.

Others involved in the plot are teenaged bedwetter, Liam Jones, ex Pegida Bill Weir and ranting oddball John Banks.


Edge states he will be making an announcement this evening.


However not everyone is happy with the news


Edge’s problem is, if he splits the EDL it will pretty much be the end of it.  It is pretty much finished as it stands. He wants a new approach without the socially inadequate drunks but it seems that only those that go to these far right demos are socially inadequate drunks.

Pegida tried it and failed. Edge is a hard core racist whose Facebook page is littered with extreme race hate posts. Normal people who are not socially inadequate drunks will have no interest in attending his demos.

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