EDL News is a collective of social justice activists who investigate the far right in the UK, racism and anything else that is a threat to our community.

We started in 2011 and mainly followed the English Defence League and the British National Party but since the demise of both organisations, we investigate all far right groups and populist political parties.

Being a collective, we do not have a collective affiliation to any one political party.

EDL News wants to see all residents of this country subjected to fairness, whatever their race, sexual orientation or religion is and will expose those who want to subject fellow citizens to hate and violence.

There is no colour in hate. From those commit horrific acts in the Middle East to those who spread hate, violence and division in our own country – we are against them all.

We are a non profit organisation and refuse to carry advertising on our site so any donations are more than welcome, however small.

Thank you and please feel free to comment on our articles or contact us with any questions.

Gary Fieness Hastings
EDL News

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