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edlnews The #edlhungerstiker and friends have lit a BBQ outside Rotherham cop shop #edl
edlnews Update from the #EDLhungerstriker Are now 40! racists at their refugee camp outside #rotherham nick #lookslikecalais
edlnews @malcolm_funnell No son, we spent part of our time exposing fascists. It is a good british tradition. quit whining
edlnews Things have gone shit for the #edlhungerstriker. Shaun Wright have resigned from labour party so EDLer has to starve for a lot longer.
edlnews @malcolm_funnell oh we certainly agree on that. The far right however never have hunger strikes for their own nonces
edlnews @malcolm_funnell we have. we have exposed violent paedophiles within the far right. What have you done?
edlnews @malcolm_funnell we will condemn anyone who is is fascist and brings violence to out streets. Like it or lump it son.