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    Andi QPR Authentique

    • Category: EDL Nazis
    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    Meet Andi, drinking buddy of EDL leadership

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    edlnews @rossslateruk Robbing food banks to give yourself a grubby little story? Shameful little man #dailymail #rossslater
    edlnews @GrahamKarin @RogerHelmerMEP which lies and slurs? is nigel taking it to court?on no... wait a minute.... #ukip #ukipsleaze
    edlnews @GrahamKarin @RogerHelmerMEP if #ukip want to be a serious political party they have to grow a pair and expect scrutiny #ukipsleaze
    edlnews RT @EDLNewsXtra: I'm not convinced that David Safe's account of last night is entirely accurate. #EDL http://t.co/tZYNGcwP70
    edlnews RT @JasnaBadzak: #UKIP is already threatening journalists next is you and members of your family @AlexiMostrous @thetimes @SLATUKIP http://…
    edlnews #UKIP Supporters try and shut down opposition Twitter accounts http://t.co/PS7cuXKgFf #ukipsleaze
    edlnews RT @HarryLime1982: @edlnews @msfreakinrosie @WomenDefyUKIP Its been suspended unfortunately. Tweet this pic though to annoy Kippers. http:/…

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