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    The Marlpit Pub, Norwich

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    Licensee Sue King of the Marlpit, NorwichWelcome to EDL New's brand new section, Name and Shame.  

    On this part of the website we will be be naming and shaming pubs who host the English Defence League's race hate meetings and coach companies who transport EDL members to their race hate demonstrations.

    First in the pot is the Marlpit in Norwich which is a place decent people may want to avoid.

    This morning several of our members contacted the pub to make them aware that they were playing host to a group of racists who are planning a drunken devisive march in the city in October.

    We have no idea why, considering that Norwich is not a hot bed of Muslim extremism, but the EDL rarely give reasons for turning up drunk in town and shouting abuse at Asians.

    The pub seems to sypathise with the EDL so we are publishing this article to make the decent people of Norwich aware. They stated on the phone that 'they were not bothered about the EDL and have hosted them plenty of times before'

    Pub details

    Address: The Marlpit, Hellesdon Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 5EQ

    Licensee: Sue King

    Brewery: Enterprise Inns - Contact Here

    The licensee describes the pub as 'lovely, child friendly and adult friendly (lol) pub on Hellsdon Rd.' but fails to mention that she welcomes far right violent extremists into the place.

    We generally give pubs plenty of warning when the EDL plan to turn us and pubs only appear on these pages if the licensee accomodates them.

    We spoke to Enterprise Inns and they issued the following statement:

    We have spoken to the Publican who we understand has instructed pub staff to ensure that no further meetings of the English Defence League are hosted at the Marlpit pub. We unreservedly condemn any groups that promote racial hatred.”

    (Picture: EDL Norwich Regional Organiser Nat Snelling arrested at racist demo in Westminster last year)

    Nat Snelling arrested



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