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    English Defence League publish their own donors online

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
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    Earlier this week we published an article on the financial state of English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, which seems rather healthy due to his recent visits to high end department stores, trips to casinos and £800 Stone Island jackets.

    On the bread line he is most definitely not and it is all funded by EDL members after he claimed all of his bank accounts are frozen and he has to live on £200 a week.

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    Tommy Robinson on National Casino Troublemaker List

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
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    Leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson's estranged relationship with the truth has reared it's head again after being caught trying to play the victim after claiming he was thrown out of a new casino in Milton Keynes and was victimised for his political views.

    The truth has come out this afternoon however after it emerged that he is on a national register of people who were banned from every casino in the country for a 'serious incident' a number of years ago at another venue.

    The industry register lists 'national trouble makers' and a sharp eyed member of staff recognised him from a photo and he was thrown out by security.

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    Selfridges reinstate man suspended for refusing Tommy Robinson service

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 2806

    After considerable embarrassment and bad publicity for suspending an employee who refused to serve English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, the high end department store have given him his job back.

    Selfridges came under a massive Twitter backlash after the story appeared in many of the national papers with thousands of customer volunteering to boycott the store after it emerged that the store gave their violent leader a three course meal.

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    EDL members call for Selfridges shop worker to be 'burnt alive'

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 2782

    We have got to hand it to high end department store, Selfridges, for snatching a public relations disaster away from the jaws of a potential coup.

    A Twitter backlash started against the store last night as news spread around the internet of the suspension of an Asian employee who refused to serve Tommy Robinson, a man who has made it his mission to make life difficult for this country's Asian population and at the same time profiteering many thousands of pound off the back of it.

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    Did Selfridges really give a free lunch someone who described a Somalian as a 'Black ET'?

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 5037

    Selfridges have got themselves into a bit of a pickle this week after one of their staff members refused to serve the far right leader of the English Defence League who was allegedly compensated with a steak meal.

    By all accounts Robinson and his friend turned up and filmed a Muslim member of their staff.  It is far from the first time they have tried to intimidate shop staff by filming them.

    By all accounts the staff member refused them service and called security to remove them. Later in the day Robinson was also ejected from a casino in Milton Keynes.

    Robinson then took to Twitter to brag that Selfridges had given him a free meal to compensate.

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    Opinion: Tommy Robinson and the Rock and Roll lifestyle

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 3655

    We are forever hearing from English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, and about how broke he is. He has in the past, claimed that all of his bank accounts have been frozen and he and his family are having to live on around £200 a week.

    As far as we know, Robinson has not worked a day in the four years he has been on our radar, but is happy to brag on Twitter about his Rock and Roll lifestyle.

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    EDL East Anglia force cancellation of anti racism gig

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 3268

    Members of the English Defence League's East Anglian Division forced the cancellation of a Love Music, Hate Racism gig in Ipswich yesterday after they held a demonstration outside the venue.

    The gig at the Steamboat Tavern on the Waterfront was organised by 16 year old girl after she witnessed the EDL demo in Norwich earlier this year where 200 members of the far right group turned up to lend support to a homophobic priest who had been banned from handing out hate literature in the city center.

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    English Defence League Leaders held over Tulisa kidnapping fears

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 5892

    English Defence League leaders, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll have been held by police and searched on Wednesday over fears that the pair were planning to kidnap N-Dubz singer and former ex-factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos.

    The pair were filming a video outside the TV star's Hertfordshire mansion moments earlier, begging money from supporters to cover the £8000 costs of a lost High Court action against the Metropolitan Police after they banned the far right group from holding a race hate demo in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

    Officers launched a major operation after two strange men were seen acting shiftily outside her luxury mansion and feared that the hapless pair were about to kidnap the 25 year old.

    Shortly afterwards the two leaders were stopped by police and their car stripped down, with Tommy Robinson complaining on Twitter about police harassment and claimed it was in connection with a burglary.

    A Hertfordshire Police spokesperson yesterday told the Daily Mirror: "Police were called at just gone 10.20pm on September 11 to a property in Brookmans Park to reports of a suspicious vehicle outside a property.

    "Officers were in attendance and located the vehicle. Two men were subsequently spoken with and searched. The surrounding area was also searched. No arrests were made."

    This video was filmed on the before their Tower Hamlet's demo outside her house

    The follow up video was filmed on the day in question after the pair had earlier attended Westminster Magistrates Court to answer charges of obstructing police

    Robinson claimed on Twitter that he did not know it was her house and his friend lives next door and they just pulled into a layby to shoot the begging video, which does not explain the fact that he had already filmed a video there previously.

    This is not the only run in with the police that Robinson has had recently, last Saturday he was arrested and charged with incitement after their Tower Hamlets demonstration.


    Demo Report: 500 EDL fail to make it to Tower Hamlets

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 5125

    The English Defence League had another miserable day in London after failing to make it to Tower Hamlets.

    Days before the demo was to take place, the Metropolitan Police put conditions on the far right group which included them not going near the borough.

    EDL leader Tommy Robinson appeared at the High Court on Friday to try and get the decision overturned and failed, leaving him to bring out his begging bowl to pay the Met Police's estimated £8,000 legal costs.   

    Read more: Demo Report: 500 EDL fail to make it to Tower Hamlets

    Preview: EDL's Aldgate Demo and the Tommy Robinson Con Job

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
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    We are not too sure why the English Defence League keep coming back to London. They are routinely humiliated when they visit, the vast majority of the residents in London detest the sight of them, and the police routinely give them the hardest time possible.

    It is never a nice day out for them. Their last major visit was Walthamstow last autumn, where their march was blocked by Londoners, they were kettled and soiled themselves, and leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll fled back to Luton whilst their 'foot soldiers' were mass arrested, leaving the door open for BNP leader Nick Griffin to offer to pick up their legal bills.

    Their last demo in London was in Whitehall where they shamelessly tried to exploit the death of drummer Lee Rigby and 'paid respect' to him by pulling Nazi salutes beside the womens war memorial, which ended up on the front page of the Metro for hundreds of thousands of London commuters to see.

    The last time they were suppose to protest in Tower Hamlets, the nearest they were allowed to get to the Borough was Aldgate, and this time is no different. But Tommy Robinson has managed to con some money from his supporters to fight a fantasy hearing in the High Court.

    The Mayor Of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman had wanted to stop the EDL entering Tower Hamlets because he suspected violence and disorder due to their reputation and online threats made by many EDL'ers. Their last attempt at a demo in the area resulted in a journalist being attacked and set on fire making Mayor Rahman's concerns for the safety of the residents rather valid.

    The following info graphic shows where they want to go and also shows where the Met Police will make them go.

    He asked the Police to ban the march, but they refused to do so, so he applied to the High Court. The High Court would not order the Police to ban the march, so he appealed against this decision and was due to have a hearing of appeal today.

    The Police decided to ban the EDL entering Tower Hamlets regardless, so the Mayor withdrew his appeal as he had got the result he was asking for, making his appeal superfluous.

    In the meantime, Tommy Robinson decided he would get a barrister to go along to the appeal at the High Court, and argue against the Mayor in the hope of having the EDL demo allowed into Tower Hamlets.

    The well worn EDL begging bowl was soon dusted off and Tommy requested donations from his gullible followers, claiming he had his OWN High Court hearing, to overrule the decision of the Met Police so they could march into Tower Hamlets.

    Hoping to raise loads of cash from the donations he was looking at making a small fortune by spinning this as an important case for EDL.

    Tommy is now claiming he did not raise enough money to pay the barrister for the case that was never there in the first place, therefore no refunds will be available to those who were daft enough to trust him with their money.

    Those that donated have still not seen through this latest con, and are convinced Tommy took a case to the high court and won a battle against the Mayor and have now achieved nothing really, other than lot of them donating to a false appeal leaving them in exactly the same position as they were two days ago and are still banned from entering Tower Hamlets.

    Hopefully this summary of how they have been completely conned by a non existent High Court case will sink in with a few members, who seem to have more money than sense. No doubt their money will be on display tomorrow in the form of some new designer clobber and 'something for the evening'.

    The following shows the wheels falling off Tommy's con as he is unable to explain when the application hearing is/was.

    Numbers may well be down as well, and none of them like the hostility they face from Londoners, especially those that have been on the receiving end before, and there has been some major fall-outs across the north with accusations of paedophilia, threats of violence between each other, along with the occasional threat to kill.

    None of the north west EDL have been able to organise a coach between them and those that are still set on going, are having to take the MegaBus which will arrive at Victoria Coach Station just before lunch. Unfortunately, they will not be allowed to get absolutely slaughtered on the MegaBus and that is, if they will carry them in the first place.

    The threat of a Muslim takeover in the capital is obviously not important enough for them to splash out for the train but this could also be down to the fact that it is all they can afford after Tommy had fleeced them once more, for his non-existent court case.

    Meanwhile to get a grasp on the type of tragic lunatics that are planning to turn up tomorrow, this guy is going to take back the streets of east London by kitting himself out with a very heavy and clumsy waste paper bin on his head.

    His t-shirt states that he is a member of the now disbanded Taliban Hunting Club. They were disbanded after it was pointed out that they had failed to hunt even one member of the Taliban, and if they did come face to face with the Taliban, they would be heading to the mountains of Tora Bora faster than Tommy and Kevin fled Walthamstow.

    One thing that London did not need was violent man beater, Deborah Kay Jemson, turning up in this horrendously tacky dress and making a fool of herself.

    Fortunately, as Londoners in general celebrate good taste, Jemson will not be attending due to her benefits not turning up, which is a blessing for all who live here. She also booked her MegaBus ticket without checking if her benefits had been paid, leaving her penniless for the weekend with no offers as yet, of a loan from Tommy.


    Another who will not be there is Yorkshire regional organiser and Hitler enthusiast, Nici Carr, who will not be there as she does not like Fiona Varley, who will be also on the minibus.

    Little does she know, it was not only Varley that was passing us screenshots. The whole division is riddled with members who are quite happy to grass each other up for a packet of B&H.

    Another reason was, she found out that the Yorkshire Division are mainly made up of morons due to the fact that she booked the mini bus for the Birmingham demo and several people said they were going and did not turn up and pay. Those that did, turned up got drunk and smashed up the mini bus, losing her the deposit.

    Photo below, Nici Carr in her Adolf Hitler t-shirt - she knows what happens to Nazis in east London...


    Meanwhile in the north east, Newcastle and Sunderland Divisions have only managed to muster 70 between them and are still begging people to take empty seats. The following shows our old favourate Tony English Riley who is not going as fellow EDL members are threatening to burn his house down



    We are not sure if London Division leader, Dave Bolton will be there, as he had to make an expensive trip to Hull this week, to plead guilty to public order offences after their recent drunken violent demo in the City, where EDL members violently attacked someone in front of families and children shopping on a Saturday afternoon.

    Regardless of who is there, London is set to be another ritual humiliation for the far right group with thousands expected to turn out and send them packing. They will also be upset to belatedly learn, that Aldgate is in the City of London, and is desolate at the weekend, and no one will actually see them.

    Viva London and all who live there!


    Update: Since Tommy lost the hearing at the High Court and the judicial review was laughed out of court, to add insult to injury, the EDL claim that he has to pay the Met Police's legal costs, a princely sum of £8,000 which by our reckoning is 160 grammes of low grade cocaine.

    To pour even more salt into the wounds, the EDL's website currently appears to be having further issues, meaning no one can get on it to donate, anyway.

    English Defence League rally banned from Tower Hamlets

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Sara Middleton
    • Hits: 2069

    The English Defence League have been banned from holding their rally in the heart of Tower Hamlets according to the Metropolitan Police.

    They were originally told that they would finish in Altab Ali Park which was reconsidered after complaints were made that they will be demonstrating in a park named after an Asian man who had been murdered in a racist attack.

    As with the last time they held their race hate demo in the area, the nearest they will be allowed to the borough is Aldgate East and will only be allowed to march on Queen Elizabeth Street, Tower Bridge Road, Tower Bridge Approach, The Minories and Aldgate High Street which are all in the City of London.

    The English Defence League never have a good time when they bring their race hate circus to the Capital.  On Armistice Day in 2011, 171 of them were mass arrested after trouble flared in the Red Lion pub on Whitehall and bar staff were racially abused.

    In Walthamstow last year, the far right group had to abandon their demo and leader, Tommy Robinson, fled the scene after anti fascist protesters blocked their route and the EDL ended up mass arrested again.

    Earlier this year leader Tommy Robinson and deputy leader Kevin Carroll were arrested in Aldgate East for attempting a 'charity' publicity stunt designed to inflame tensions outside East London Mosque. They will appear in court on the 11th September, 2013.

    Meanwhile London Regional Organiser, Dave Bolton appeared before magistrates in Hull yesterday and pleaded guilty to pleaded guilty to using threatening words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress after getting drunk and shouting obscenities at the police. Bolton was fined £100 and given an 18-month conditional discharge.

    The Hull demo was marred with violence with three others appearing before the courts yesterday. Dronfield based racist, John Claydon, pleaded guilty to a violent attack on an anti fascist protester in front of shoppers with children and will be sentenced at Hull Crown Court on the 20th September. Other cases heard were for drunkeness and drugs.


    Care Home Worker and Far Right Extremist Kimberley Griffiths and Her Theft of Mobility Scooters

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 11032

    Meet Kimberley Griffiths aka Kym Wench, admin of far right extremist group, the North West Infidels.

    Manchester based Griffiths works for a Swinton based care home company called 'Premier Care' which is a bit of a worry, due to her intense dislike for anyone who is not white and British.

    It concerns us that her duties are to care for people who are not white British especially Somalians whom she hates with a passion.

    She also has a penchant for getting drunk and stealing mobility scooters from disabled people.

    In the first two screenshots, she is not happy because some Somalians are moving in next door, so she spent the evening on her doorstep subjecting then to her racist interpretation of a song.



    She admits that she is an admin for the far right extremist group, the North West Infidels Salford page.

    This is what appeared on one of their pages this morning:

    Griffiths admits to getting drunk and steaing a disabled person's mobility scooter which we are sure Premier Care will be most interested in.

    She likes to brag about how she brings her child up in a hated filled environment and encourages him to racially abuse his teachers at school.

    Griffiths goes on race hate demonstrations with neo Nazi Mike Mosely, who likes to rock up to children's funfairs wearing t-shirts with swastikas emblazoned on the front.

    Here is Mosely 


    We cannot say if Griffiths was responsible for this act of racist vandalism next door to her house but Greater Manchester Police will most likely get to the bottom of it.


    But this suggests heavily she was

    Griffiths shows off her work security pass.


    We have contacted Premier Care for comment and the evidence above has been passed to Greater Manchester Police.

    Premier Care's website states "We embrace a diverse workforce, which is able to meet individual needs and deliver services culturally appropriate to each person. Our service is person-centred, an ethos that can only be achieved by communication from the senior directors down, underpinned by reinforcement and training."

     Update: Griffiths has been suspended from her position.

    EDL member Darren Bird threatens to start race war by killing Muslims

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 5424

    English Defence League member Darren Bird has made threats on Facebook to go out and kill Muslims.

    The Wolverhampton based extremist posted that 'It's a good day for a mussie to die, even better day because I feel like doing it'

    He went on to say 'Someone has to start a war.. I ain't offering, I just aint waiting to be asked. Some fucker is getting it today'.

    The full screenshot has been passed to West Midlands Police for investigation. His Facebook page can be found on this URL


    EDL Hull demo ends in violence and four arrests

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 1080

    Far right groups are facing a blanket ban on marching in east Yorkshire after an English Defence League member was arrested after launching a violent attack on a counter protester at the weekend.

    The man was injured in front of horrified shoppers and families at St Stephen's in Ferensway. 

    Daren Hale, deputy leader of Hull City Council, said he would be seeking a meeting with police to discuss having these marches banned from the city.

    The man was attacked for unfurling a banner in support of multi culturalism when the attack occurred, leaving the counter protester in hospital.

    Four EDL members who were arrested on the day have also been ordered not to meet in groups of more than five people until they appear at Hull Magistrates' Court next month.

    The four, from Essex, Hemsworth, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, were arrested before and during the march, which took place in Hull city centre on Saturday.

    They will all appear at Hull Magistrates' Court in September.
    A 46-year-old Derbyshire man was charged with assault causing actual bodily harm after a man was hurt in Ferensway, city centre.
    A 46-year-old man of Mansfield has been charged with using threatening words or behaviour after police broke up a scuffle in Queen Victoria Square. He is also accused of possessing a Class A drug.
    Another man, who is 43 and from West Yorkshire, was charged with being drunk and disorderly and possessing a Class B drug.
    Police also arrested a 52-year-old man from Essex in the city centre at 3.50am on Saturday.
    He has been charged with using threatening words or behaviour.

    Information sourced from This is Hull and east Riding

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