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    EDL's Paul Scully Sloane gets 'Pork Chops' tattooed on his arm

    EDL Telford Division's Paul Scully SloaneIt has been a busy day in Derek Fender Corner. This morning we brought you the drunken car crash that was the EDL's Cornish Division, this evening we are proud to present you with Telford Division member Paul Scully Sloane.

    The EDL have a weird obsession with pork, bacon and all things porcine. They are under the belief that Muslims will explode when looking at or coming into contact with any pig based products (or overweight, pissed up 'patriots wearing pig masks.)

    Not long ago we brought you an EDLer who wanted to hang around outside a Mosque with a pig on a lead.

    This would only have ended badly as the EDLer would have got injured by the pig and the Muslims would have simply looked at him like he was a massive prat and walked round the pig to gain access to their place or worship.  Result? Pig and Muslims 1 - EDLer 0.

    EDLer Paul Scully Sloane decided to go one step further to protect himself against creeping sharia law, halal, mosques, groomers, head sawers and taxis. Sloane decided to get pork chops tattooed on his arm with a big tacky red cross.

    Will it wash off when he grows up? No. Will it cost him a lot of money to get it lasered off? Quite likely. When his grand children ask him why he has pork chops tattooed on his arm, will he feel a massive prat? Most definitely.

    EDL News has sent Sloanes' tattoo pic to the Shropshire Police so they can have a good laugh at him.



    Update 041412: Scully is making plans to attack the British Museum becasue they have a Muslim art display.


    +33 #1 Penny Dreadfull 2012-03-14 22:23
    Wtf indeed.

    And the track mark above the word 'chops' isn't exactly attractive either. Sport are needulls!
    +12 #2 Editor 2012-03-14 22:37
    I never spotted that!
    +16 #3 RosieGeefe1 2012-03-16 18:04
    -23 #4 G 2012-03-16 18:28
    You've sent his picture to the police?! What on earth for?

    Surely you're not claiming that having a stupid tattoo is a hate crime?
    +16 #5 Editor 2012-03-16 18:34
    Naw, we were joking
    -19 #6 Russell 2012-03-16 19:34
    Why doesn't he just get an image of Mohammed tattooed on himself, if he really wants to piss off Muslims?
    -41 #7 Paul scully 2012-04-01 17:12
    Thank you for sharing my tatoo and your comments with sweeping statements. Many do like my tatoo and that's personal choice. My nick name has been pork chops for many yearsand does not represent any dislike Muslims have against Pork. Their dislike against pork is the belief that pigs eat shit and they don't like to eat shit. for the ignorant the cross represents England. Just to pick up on a few sweeping comments.Penny dreadful makes comment about track marks. some people just have to go ott, the mark is from blood tests, not that I have anything to prove, could I suggest she gets her facts right before making libelous comments. Russell suggest that i am trying to piss off Muslims. Wrong again. I'm not in the game of tarring a group with the same brush. I have friends that are muslims. I am coming from the viewpoint that some muslims use their holy book to to justify some of the atrocities thet are carrying out, as I would be opposed to any group carrying out any atrocity. I do have children and grandchildren and we do discuss world wide happenings. Any choice they make in their future will not be bisaed by me, as they will see and hear things in the wider community. have no intention of having any of my tatoos removed, yeas i have more that this, but not of a similar nature my granfather had nay tatoos detailing his view, life family etc and he never had them removed.If the author believes that i had the tatoo done to warn off sharia law etc then he /she is a bit naive as the hocus pocus is nonsense. Weare all going to have likers and hater, but that's the world we live in.Paul Pork Chops Scullt-Sloan. OINK!
    +25 #8 Editor 2012-04-01 17:42
    OK so fair points about the track marks there Mr Scully. Anyway, welcome to EDL News. If you are not into tarring a whole group, how can you possibly associate with the likes of the EDL?
    +16 #9 Mike Hannon 2012-04-01 17:59
    Hey Porky my friend!

    Come to make an arse of yourself on here as well? Get back to the BBC Big Questions page so I can troll you more!

    hugs and kisses
    +10 #10 Mystery 2012-04-01 18:19
    I get the writing and the cross Paul - but what is that odd-looking blob in the middle?
    +12 #11 Mystery 2012-04-01 18:21
    Other point Paul: Pork is considered "dirty" because it goes off quickly in hot weather and pigs carry a lot of parasites that can transmit to humans. At least attempt to get a fact right every once in a while.
    +21 #12 Stylo 2012-04-01 20:28
    That is a shit tattoo. He looks like a total idiot. Hope he enjoys people laughing at him and his tattoo, which is not just stupid but also pretty poorly done.

    Whoever the artist was... If it were me, I'd ask for whatever loose pocket change I used to pay for this ugly disaster back.
    -18 #13 paul scully sloan 2012-04-10 00:05
    Editor, Scully- Sloan plz. Mystery, the 'blob' is a shield with a lip inside. Granted, it does not show up well via computer screen. Agreed with your view about the pork going off in the heat. Surely this would apply to all meat in hot countries, hence the use of strong spices for the purpose of preservation. Any other comment, regarding pork; was made to me made tome by a Muslim taxi driver. I really don' t mind entering into a discussion about any topic. But, frankly comments made by Stylo and Mick Hammond are childish and not suited within a potetntially serious and useful duscusion NB I an, nor ever have been with Mich Hammond!
    +19 #14 Editor 2012-04-10 14:25
    Why are you making plans to attack the British Museum Scully? We have informed the Museum and they have in turn informed the police

    +15 #15 PaulChapman 2012-04-10 14:47
    I must say I am surprised at the near-perfect spelling and grammar, and even attitude of Mr S-S, such a rarity amongst racists nowadays. No ranting, foaming or general loss of control, for a moment there I almost thought he might be a decent chap.

    Yes, it's a shit tattoo, anyone sober would agree with that. Not sure if 'lip' should read 'lion', as I can make out a blurry rampant lion [never known why the fuck we have an African animal and a Turkish saint but there you go], not a lip, which generally comes in pairs anyway and would look quite silly on its own. Mick Jagger would be well pissed off...

    But anyway, it makes a nice change to have someone actually come here and try to debate rather than throwing insults and then disappearing... it doesn't mean I agree in any way with your views, Mr S-S, but credit where it's due...

    Oh, and by the way, spices do not preserve anything, they just permeate the fibres and make the meat not taste like it's a month old...
    +22 #16 Dr Shambolic 2012-04-10 14:50
    Oh bless. A person who's never stepped foot inside a museum having a little sulk about an event in a museum. Damn those museums and their spreading of knowledge and culture. Commie scum. They're as bad as schools.
    +6 #17 sandy 2012-04-10 14:57
    " I do have children and grandchildren"
    How old are you?
    +5 #18 Mrs D 2012-04-10 15:13
    Paul, whatever your reasons for doing this you look like an utter tool.
    +11 #19 Stylo 2012-04-10 16:09
    You may consider my comment "childish" but it's completely true. Your tattoo is awful.

    As someone who has tattoos and personally knows quite a few tattoo artists, I can tell you with confidence, you have a crap tattoo and you look like a complete prat.

    I'm sure you thought you were being clever, having something you thought would be really offensive to Muslims scrawled badly on your arm in tattoo ink, but trust me, any Muslim that saw this would do the same as the rest of us and laugh their ass off at how much an idiot you are.

    It's beyond stupid that you would have such a poorly thought-out and terribly drawn tattoo PERMANENTLY injected into your skin. You obviously have no brains.
    +13 #20 Milton Malser 2012-04-11 01:49
    Thanks Scully Sloane,
    I do love a good twattoo :D
    +9 #21 Milton Malser 2012-04-11 01:52
    Maybe Pauly baby is having blood tests to determine which particular diseases he's picked up from getting that shitty twattoo ?
    -16 #22 paul scully sloan 2012-04-14 14:03
    cist.My stand is against any sort of extremists using a religion to justify what they are doing. Muslims argue they ae having a jihad with the west a true jihad was to protect Muslims and their county from people attack them. A muslim recently told me that a jihad in the west was not a tue jihad. No one should condone the murder of Charlene Downes and the subsequent cock up by police, no one should condone the grooming gangs et other attocity caried our by any group or religion. (sorry first bit missing will put it in later)
    +15 #23 Editor 2012-04-15 08:45
    So you claim to be against extremists then go on to threaten to attack the British museum because they are displaying some art work you have decided to dislike despite not knowing anything about the art work.
    -16 #24 paul scully sloan 2012-04-15 12:09
    Editor, Just wondered if you actually read anything that I write?If you do you will see that my comment was not a threat but a tongue in cheek question. The other thing is do you really think that anyone would be stupid enough to publish a real threat on an open page (being Telford EDL page on this occasion) or in a place and manner more culvert? it's a shame really as there could be a good debate on the matters raised but most of the commentators seem hell bent on hurling abusing and their own unsubstantiated views. I saw most as the only person who has made any molecule of sense is Mark Chapman. not only does he seem not to hide behind a bogus or alias name but seems to be open minded enough to enter into a reasonable debate/ dicussion.
    +23 #25 PaulChapman 2012-04-16 11:41
    My name is Paul, not Mark...I'd let you off if it wasn't such an easy name to remember...

    Unfortunately, yes, hundreds of EDL members have been arrested and tried in court for openly, blatantly and stupidly posting threats of this sort on Facebook and Twitter. Not only does that mean that ANY threat, tongue-in-cheek or otherwise, is seen as valid, but it also reinforces the general level of [un]intelligenc e in the racist/fascist groups we encounter every day, because you all keep posting stupid threats on public groups!

    You can only defend your position when that position is clean, and not tarnished by "Muslamic Raygun"-type comments.

    The main problem the EDL etc have, is that they cannot get on with each other for more than 5 minutes. They all want to be in charge, all want to be a tinpot general in command of their own little group [and yes, I do mean little], and yet they spread this message that Muslims are hateful, war-mongering terrorists...al l I see are Muslims getting along fine with each other and nearly everyone else, and a few drunken skinheads and sacked military personnel bitching, whining, and fighting constantly over personal issues...

    Basically it comes down to this...if the general public want a nice peaceful life, would they take advice from someone who cannot read or write their own language properly, who gets pissed, shouts abuse at anyone with a suntan, attacks takeaways with his drunk mates, and preaches hatred, or someone who is calm, reads and writes English better than most EDL, shows respect for his superiors and preaches love and peace?
    -10 #26 Paul Scully 2012-04-16 17:55
    Fair play on a lot of that PAUL. A little unfair on those who own rayguns though! I have to say if we are supposed to be playing on a level playing field, some comments on here can be considerd as libelous.ie. The suggestion that I take drugs. Also the comment made abou being an utter tool, could be seen as a derogatory statement. The thread began abot my tatoo and has descended in to derogatory and unsubstantiated comments. This shows more about the fans of this page than it does of me. My family were bought into the thread and I was not answered when I have asked why it is relevant. That I had not been in a museum and cannot comment about that. Fact. I have been in many museumsacross this country. No I do not appreciated muslim art. Weare all allowed our opinion. Just waiting for the backlas on that by people who dislike my tatoo!I have messages from muslims who have read some of my views and they have said they do not consider them to be racist or anti muslim, but see them asindividuals within a group who tar all muslims. I supposeas thesame youarecoming fromwith your comment about edl. One muslim did say to me that individuals who got together and formed the mdl do not represent muslims as a whole. Some individuals of EDL do not represent the whole group. The group was set up to oppose militant Islam and that is where I am coming from. The same chap explaine to me that the majority of muslims do not join marches or oppose radical muslims as they choose to live peacefully. He also mentioned Jihad. He said that Jihad should only be declared in Muslim countries to protect muslims and their countries. He said there is no place by declaring Jihad in the Uk as it is not a Muslim counrty. He went on to saythat he had been in Englad for 15 years, he likes it here,he has children here a nd chooses to raise them here.hesaid if muslims do not like it here and do not like the law etc, then they should go home. I wonder what comments would be made if a white peron made the same comments.
    +15 #27 Editor 2012-04-16 18:46
    Out of interest Paul, which bit in particular do you dislike about Muslim art?
    +7 #28 PaulChapman 2012-04-16 19:55
    EDL are 99% what would have been in the 1970s/80s, skinheads and NF. They see no distinction between Muslim, Asian Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, they just see PAKI. They hate everyone.

    Your comment on the MDL not representing Muslims made me laugh, as that 99% of the EDL who are no more than racist thugs, do not represent the feelings of the leadership of the EDL, who in turn do not represent anyone outside their own membership.

    All academic now, after Tommy's fuckup today on Twitter...EDL is a circus with a ringmaster in a clown's outfit now, with half a million more people now aware of their existence than before, all of which think they are a joke...which of course, we knew all along :lol:
    -9 #29 Paul Scully 2012-04-16 20:00
    Editor, I should have made it clear.Muslim art work is not the only type of art I dislike, I dislike many types of artwork as a pesonal preference, as per tatoos. I was merely attempting to keep it in context with the part of the thread relating to the muslim arwork in the British museum. Hopefully,to meet the needs of your curiosity; I do like some pre 1950's english social history photographic art and pre 1950's(oils) english social history paintings
    -12 #30 Paul Scully 2012-04-16 20:32
    Paul, there are sikhs, budhists and muslims inthe edl. If you note the cooment you refer to was something I shared which a muslim said to me, not my comment. I'm realy not sure where the 99% came from, grateful if you would enlighten me. I do not use twitter and have not seen any recent comments made by Tommy Johnson ( sorry to disappoint some but I do not eat, sleep and die for edl, I have other things to do as well) again, please enlightem me of the alleged fuck up.
    +11 #31 PaulChapman 2012-04-16 21:22
    Paul, there are token Sikhs, Buddhists and Muslims in the EDL. A couple of radical [or call it extremist] Jews, and probably the odd black guy who has nothing better to do. They do not represent the EDL leadership and ethos any more than I do. Nor do the knuckledragging skinhead fraternity who turn up, threaten the safety and wellbeing of small towns, shout "Kill the Muzzies" and throw bricks and bottles at taxis and takeaways. And if they number less than 95% I will eat my hat and post the video on Youtube.

    As for Tommy The Clown, he got all upset because, apparently, a pic of the Taj Mahal was used as a background or something on Twitter's main page, and he decided to open his mouth and plant his foot right in it, by naming it a mosque, and tagged it #creepingsharia ...it went viral, trended at no 1 in the UK all day and worldwide for a while this afternoon...hal f a million people in the UK who weren't laughing before are laughing now, and blaming everything from empty toothpaste turbes to the spots on their arse on #creepingsharia ...face it, he's fucked it...
    -8 #32 Paul Scully 2012-04-18 20:49
    Paul, sorry if I have not made it clea. I really have no time for numbers or comments being used unsubstatiated. Going back to you comment on 'ray guns' some people believe that without proof. I. for one will currently not take the time of day to listen to it. You have presented 2 different %. Stating two, close together but difeerent; suggests to me that you don't really know, because you have not substantiated. With regards to you comment on Tommy Robinson, you have said it was on twitter, fair enough; don't use twitter. But you came back with you own view about Tommy fucking it and an outline of how you interpreted the twitter comment. Still not proof to me. It isnot because of this discussion, I have the same stance on everything. So a bit more evidence plz.Unlike those who have made one of amoebic comments, you have entered into the discussion, I have right to reply. The only other elongated comment was when I said that some of the comments were childish (not thought out or evidence the sort of thing that occurs in school playgrounds) and yes I have seen this in the playground. The sad thing is that only two of my tatoos were shown, a snap shot to cause negative reaction.
    i have several other tatos,onfb, which would not cause the same response. Can you understand why I cannot take this biased editorial seriously. I would be more interseted, and take seriusly a unbiased and two sided editorial. Mike, who is, never house or will be my friend openly admits to troling. Suely he might be taken serously if he made legitimate comment. I was wondering what he gained his phd in, or is he just spouting more shite by calling himseld dr?
    +15 #33 A Bloke 2012-04-19 15:27
    Sorry, I am not about to do a head count of EDL members who can post a coherent sentence without foaming. You are probably the most eloquent member who has ever posted on here or Facebook, out of hundreds, and that is what I am basing my guesstimate on. I am giving you all a ton of leeway on this, because that makes well less than 1%.

    Tommy fucked up. Badly. You do your own research, I can't post examples because I can't be arsed, but from what I have read, 300,000 tweets taking the piss out of the ignorant little dickhead cannot be considered a success in any way.

    You've made a little ground here, even with what is a bit of a crappy tattoo, so don't blow it. You are the first EDL person to come on here and not be torn to shreds, the first to get even close to a smidgen of respect from anyone. Nobody will ever respect your views, but everyone will respect your right to them.
    +10 #34 PaulChapman 2012-04-19 19:16
    Oops, managed to log in as A Bloke, ah well...

    From what I hear it's academic, as according to NWI Liverpool Mr Scully was one of those detained today...
    -3 #35 Paul Scully 2012-04-19 20:16
    A bloke (Paul) I think this is over now? A bloke or Paul. Sorry to nick the jam out of your doughnut, but I was not arrested in liverpool. I live no where near there. Scully (part of my name is od Irish origin) many settling in Liverpool. It is a common name in Liverpool. Please remember I did not start this. I am sure that this page will get more respect if they reported dunbiasedcommen tary about who ou perveive are the real bad guys and stop the nonsense of repoting a tatoo which some people don't like.
    +6 #36 PaulChapman 2012-04-19 22:50
    It wasn't jam, it was actually a windup by one of your esteemed colleagues up north. I didn't crow about it, you notice. I didn't make mileage of it, I didn't even claim it was Trufax.

    You nearly had me until you defended the tattoo! Spend a couple of hundred quid, get it sorted out, make it something worth flashing, because it's an amateurish attempt that will always have a sleeve over it, and summer's coming...
    +13 #37 Editor 2012-04-19 23:18
    Sorry Paul but if you are going to join a far right organisation in this day and age, you are going to get the piss taken out of you.

    Fair play for standing your ground though.

    Perhaps it is maybe time to think about leaving the ridiculed EDL and take a more constructive approach.
    -3 #38 Paul Scully 2012-04-20 10:45
    Paul, seemungly pretty asture thatsomeone can join a group and not necessarily agree with all of it. My last employer was one of the worst. There is good and bad in everything. I was in no way wound up, simoly as it was nottrue, so they'll have to try a bit harder. I think I know, if it is the case whoyou are referring to. My stance about my tatoo ws about my freedom of ch choice, whch we should enjoy. Summer maybe coming up, but I rarely wear long sleeved clothing; so they have net theworld a number of times. I do not know where you are coming from or if you belong to a group, but I would give you the coutesy to express them.
    -4 #39 Paul Scully 2012-04-20 10:49
    Forgot to say I do not have any estemed colleagues. I am on several groups, to see what is going on and will, and have said if I disagree with anthing and why.
    +10 #40 PaulChapman 2012-04-20 16:38
    To put the record straight, I got a private message from an NWI guy saying you were lifted yesterday, but it was just a windup on me, not you...

    And again for the record I belong to no group, the constant tag of 'unwashed lefty UAF scum' that we all get tagged with is amusing, as most of us [as far as I can tell] are not closely affiliated with any particular group. We have consciences, and object to anything associated with racism, Nazism or the persecution of any race or creed. Extremism is unwarranted and unwanted in any form, and for that reason I oppose the EDL/NWI and every other little tinpot organisation...
    +5 #41 Alan 2012-04-20 22:15
    Ol' Pork Chops is certainly coming across like the sort of person the EDL was started for, someone who rightly opposes Militant Islam. That said, the comment about the British Museum seemed fairy typical of a stupid EDL member, so he can go both ways, it seems. Well done on making the other Paul look like an idiot - people here are not used to EDL members having brains.

    If you are genuine, then good luck to you, as extremists need to be opposed, as long as you oppose extremists within your own crowd, of whom there are many. Maybe not 99%, but I would certainly say that the EDL is made up of a majority of hate filled, ill informed extremists who hate Islam full stop for reasons that are mostly lies. In their own way, they are as bad as the Muslim Extremists, just vile little hate filled twats (I mean both sides with that).

    You made a very good point about Jihad, and Sharia Law is another thing that is erroneously bandied about by the EDL, not to mention Female Genital Mutilation and "rampant" pedophilia amongst Muslims.

    I hope you can move away from the EDL and find a group with more sense, honesty and brains. You don't oppose extremists by joining other extremists.
    +4 #42 Editor 2012-04-20 23:08
    Alan hits nail firmly on head. You sound like an intelligent and sound guy Paul, apart from the fact that you beleive all the crap the EDL feed you.

    I could probably have a beer with you and you would be sound.

    Use your energies to do something positive for the community instead of sinking into the incessant whining rut about how much they hate the country and the people who live here, that so many so called 'patriots' end up in.

    You could write a SciFi book and alter your tattoo to 'Borg Chops' and get dead famous.
    -4 #43 Paul Scully 2012-04-21 20:52
    i do not believe everything the EdL or any group @feed me' As you will have seen I always like evidence before making my mind up. I am in many groups on fb, some lighthearted and some very serious like child loss and attempting to remove vile groups, who mock dead children, from facebook. This probably makes my blood boil more tha anything, as I lost a child recently.My comment about the museum was meant as light hearted, we will have to agree to disagree on thatSuch an endeavour would not be open to the public, even the cave people know that. I don't think security woild let me through with a ton or so of pig shit.I do, believe it or not convers with Muslims about the difficulties in our country. Onechap is shariad to the hiltand we talk in depth. i do have an ulreria motive in this (be he a Muslim, chinese. or rayguntoting alien) he is a class A dealer covering fron Nottingham to London. Partly aimed on money and partly about seducing young girls, some being on 13. he has made many of them preganat and his family beat them if they terminate the embryo. No, I will not be getting a bus load going around to pay him a visit. the evidence will be passed on to the police for their perusal and action, Editor, I would still probably keep the pork chops in a sci fi book, simply as it is my nickname and has been for many years The idea of a sci fi book isinteresting though. This page, the EDL or any other group relating to muslims would not be in existence. In one episode of Star Trek, The next Generation, there are no muslims in the 25th (or whatever century) so may just have to have a pop at the raygun toting aliens, as Paul Chapman seems to hold close to his heart. Unlike the sterotype of many EDL members, I don't actually drink alcohol, but am always up fora chinwag ooooh and a laugh.
    +6 #44 Wolfie 2012-04-22 16:27
    One of the biggest problems with the EDL is their assumption (and they're not alone in this - the daily express and star share it) that all Muslims are the same. The Mr Scully is good enough to include a "some" in his statement that "some muslims use their holy book to to justify some of the atrocities thet are carrying out" but you could say exactly the same thing about christians, jews, hindus, sikhs and so on. It's in the nature of religion that some nutters will use it as an excuse to justify the unjustifiable. As such, the Muslim "community" (and no, it's not a homogenous entity) are no more guilty than anyone else and so I can only conclude that the EDl are motivated by that old racist stand-by, hatred of people who look different or behave differently. Their generalised hatred of anyone who disagrees with them and their lumping of all non-white minorities into a "paki" category only adds fuel to this. In the end, whilst i applaude Mr Scully for his relatively eloquent defence of his ideas, they are still unacceptable in a civilised society and - imho - his tattoo marks him out for life as a total prune.
    -2 #45 Mags 2012-04-23 16:18
    well done for standing your ground paul mate. people should ask questions before jumping to conclusions about you and the way you work. you always work with evidence and if you dont have the hard facts you will not say anything about it. i have had several convo's with you about different things. oh and you talk to my cousin in law and my hubby and they are both muslim. you aint a bad person, some people dont know how to take you thats all. :) xx
    -3 #46 Paul Scully 2012-04-25 09:44
    I think that I have shown some evidence that not all EDl members are drones, It would be preferable not to umbrella all EDL, like it is preferable not to umbrella all muslims or other. A little bit of advice for Paul Chapman and his 'trufax'if your not sure then best not to say anthing, including throwing %'s around. I have been names on here because of my tatoo. It would be quite easy for mr to label you for your ubsubstantiated blurting babble, but my tattoo will not let me. Some fair points Wolfie, butI think you have fell into the trap of labelling all EDL as the same ilk, as it unfair to labell all muslims as thesame ilk. The editor began this in relationto muslims and many have joined that thread. I must make it clear that it is any extremist, race,religion,c olour apart; that I don't like; and will say so if I have the facts. Many people have been influenced by the oi oi skinhead (racists or whatver term you like) and yes some orobably are in the EDL, but in other walks of society too. Like Mags said I do talk to muslims and probaly ask the qustions others are shit scred to ask. yes, some get the hump and want to party on my head, but the majority are bhappy to answer. ooh and Wolfie I have done other things thatare worthy of being called a prune, but won't get into that.
    +3 #47 PaulChapman 2012-04-26 07:12
    So if I find the one EDL supporter who can string a sentence together, out of the few hundred I have encountered who can't, then I shouldn't make a judgement based on that? I can't say "Well one out of two hundred makes half a percent, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt"? Let's hope you don't make a guesstimate on anything ever in future, or someone might pull you on it...

    Maybe I should just claim there have been 18,000 terrorist attacks in ten years, that's a nice believable, unsubstantiated statement to make on TV...no?
    -1 #48 Paul Scully 2012-04-26 14:46
    Paul, Maybe you should encounter some of the EDL members I know. They are pretty good at writing a sentence. Like every walk of society there are some cavemen. I do my utmost to finf facts b4 I say anything, but no one is infalible andam happy to bstand to be corrected. The 18ooo if unsubstantiared is a no! Obviously depending ontheir interpretation on the word terrorism?!
    You mentioned previously that you had received awind up pmfrom someone in nwi.I have only ever spoke to one person on that group Someone else said that nwi were behind this page, i have no proof. Do youknowwhat's what? It's just a pity that most people are for some reason, hide behinda false name here. Are theyscared of something? Saying that I have no evidence that your name is really Paul Chapman. you have shown you use an alias a bloke, so this doesn't really encourage me to belive your name is really Pul Chapman
    +3 #49 PaulChapman 2012-04-26 19:26
    NWI behind this page? That would be funny if they weren't just as easy to take the piss out of...don't ask me what interpretation of the 18,000 both Tommy and now Kevin have claimed have happened since 9/11, but that's the figure they are standing by. Would be interesting to know what qualifies as a terrorist act in their eyes...

    And of course you have no reason to believe my name is what it is...or what it may not be...
    +2 #50 Paul Scully 2012-04-27 10:29
    I only asked about nwi. The interpretation of terrorism is very intresting. Some people callthere 4 year old a terror. They may just have an ak47 stashed in their noddy toybox!!!With regards to names, you have used a different name ans said so. That puts a question mark in my mind, sure it would you too.
    +1 #51 PaulChapman 2012-04-29 17:54
    You've got me there, hands up...I have many aliases that I have accumulated over the years, have even paid tax under a couple for appearances' sake, but this is the real me, or as real as I get...not that it matters, names on a forum are only to make sure you are still bantering with the same person...

    As for NWI, it's not something I really know anything about...seem more like jealous brats than anything else, certainly not something I come across IRL living way down South as I do...but they can be as easy to play as EDL supporters, even easier in many cases...
    +2 #52 Paul Scully 2012-04-29 18:21
    I stick to my own, easier for my braincell,but each to their own. You can tell it's me because I sat cunt a lot, as in the other meaning in the dictionary, not the common meaning. Surely it would be nore productive to use the 'oi, wanna explain that to me game' and do the challenge individualy?? You my be surprised to see that others may be able to string a sentence together! Do you say south or sarf?
    +1 #53 PaulChapman 2012-04-29 20:57
    I've tried, believe me. It resorts to threats and abuse and massively misquoted religious texts within minutes. And then they ask you to meet them in person, having already made some stupid threats, to 'sort this out like men' which doesn't mean much to me when I can whip their sorry arses online at Scrabble or Chess without humiliating them in public.

    An I say Sarf Landan, but type South London :D
    0 #54 maggie 2012-07-15 17:05
    scully, you are a diamond and if people want to judge you when they dont know you then let them. i have met you and i have spoke to you several times, and under no circumstances are you a racist etc..
    ignore the twats that say you are. if you were would you speak to my kids (who are all mixed raced) and would you speak to my husband (who is muslim)?
    get well soon mate and glad your operation went well :) OINK!!!! xxxx
    -7 #55 Eric 2012-08-01 23:22
    Interesting clash here. One the one hand we have the 'evil/racist/fa scist' trying to come to terms with a ****ed up world and being very reasonable about it.
    On the other we have (mostly) a bunch of people who come on like outraged petit bourgeoise (which they most likely are) with baiting and insults.
    For the record, I stood with Muslim folk and opposed the EDL in Telford last year and would do so again.
    But when we've finished with the EDL, next on the list has to be the liberal left who do nothing to allay the trials and tribulations of the working classes and engage in interest group issues and agendas because they are terrified of the class war.
    -1 #56 Paul Scully 2012-08-06 20:34
    Eric, You seem to have tried to jump on the boat way after it has left port. This is old news! I was considering a long winded response,but thought, sensibly, that would be a waste of time.A thought that doesn't seem to have crossed your mind. Not sure if you had noticed a theme on this thread. (basically) don't say anything unless you can substantiate it. You may well end up looking like a bit of a plonker. Not really a good idea to throw unsubstantiated labels at people,because you turn into a right plonker. (if the cap fits!) maybe you should spend your time concentrating on bleating about something you actually know something about, like nothing! There was no constructive reason for re opening this thread as it was left amicable, after A GROWN UP DISCUSSION!!! rather than unfounded clap trap, like your comment.have a proper read through this thread and you MAY just see some other comments which have been proven wrong. I will not entertain your comment with such a rebuttle. So happy bleating!! :zzz :zzz :zzz Yes, Maggie, my op went well and am recovering well thank you!! OINK! :)xx ohh there was a comment ^ about my arm ahving 'track marks' I did say they were for blood tests. Yes for this op! So just a little example of an unfounded comment. I can play with this till the cows come home,but unlike you I have better things to do!!!
    0 #57 eric 2012-08-08 11:00
    Quoting Paul Scully:
    Eric, You seem to have tried to jump on the boat way after it has left port. This is old news! I was considering a long winded response,but thought, sensibly, that would be a waste of time.A thought that doesn't seem to have crossed your mind. Not sure if you had noticed a theme on this thread. (basically) don't say anything unless you can substantiate it. You may well end up looking like a bit of a plonker. Not really a good idea to throw unsubstantiated labels at people,because you turn into a right plonker. (if the cap fits!) maybe you should spend your time concentrating on bleating about something you actually know something about, like nothing! There was no constructive reason for re opening this thread as it was left amicable, after A GROWN UP DISCUSSION!!! rather than unfounded clap trap, like your comment.have a proper read through this thread and you MAY just see some other comments which have been proven wrong. I will not entertain your comment with such a rebuttle. So happy bleating!! :zzz :zzz :zzz Yes, Maggie, my op went well and am recovering well thank you!! OINK! :)xx ohh there was a comment ^ about my arm ahving 'track marks' I did say they were for blood tests. Yes for this op! So just a little example of an unfounded comment. I can play with this till the cows come home,but unlike you I have better things to do!!!

    Sorry Paul but this 'discussion' is in the public domain and invites comments. If you have a problem with someone doing so you're best addressing it with the website moderator.You may consider it to be old news;- I consider it to be no news, just one of those odd little things that float around on the fringe of the internet. Interesting that you consider it to be at an end yet continue to add to it... :-*
    Perhaps it's because you believe I term you evil, racist and fascist? If so, please re read my post and you'll notice those little quotation marks around my words like 'this'. They are there to show that I'm quoting what others have said about EDL supporters like you, not giving my own view of you.
    My point is that it's wrong for people to attempt to poke fun at you and you're tattoo if their aim is to counter the EDL. As you have shown (mostly ;-) ) the best way to engage with EDL people is through reasoned discussion, not spiteful, petty p*** taking.
    I thought my point was clear but I'll try it another way;- There's a war going on. It's not extremist Muslims against the rest of us. It's the ruling class against the rest of us. Their foot soldiers include the liberal left who despite their feelings of intellectual superiority resort to tripe like this thread rather than engage with the real enemy, the ruling class.
    Perhaps I could have been clearer but in this 'grown up discussion' it's still sad that you should resort to playground insult.

    As for the EDL, your leaders chose to have a demo in Telford on the same day that AFC Telford United were due to play their first game of the season against Luton Town at home. Those in the know,including you,will understand that with Luton having a hooligan element and with the EDL leader being one of this element the authorities felt they had no choice but to postpone the game. AFCTU is owned by it's fans, Telfordians just like you. Two and a half thousand of them were robbed of a day out at the football and the club robbed of what should have been it's biggest pay day of the season.
    Your leaders chose to try to exploit something harmless and pleasurable to ordinary folk and robbed them of it in order to make some misguided point.
    0 #58 Paul Scully 2012-08-08 15:23
    :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz
    +5 #59 eric 2012-08-10 11:57
    That's a real shame, Paul. Your organisation came to your town and ruined what should have been a great day for thousands of ordinary, decent people and you don't care.
    And to be honest, I saw the EDL in Telford and aside from all the macho posturing there seemed little point to what you all did.
    Seemed to me that all this love of country you people profess manifests in the strangest sort of way.
    0 #60 eric 2012-08-12 20:35
    Fair enough, Paul. I hoped you'd engage in a dialogue which might have helped prevent any repeat of your EDL imposing it's will over and above the rights of ordinary Telford folk. It's clear Tommy dunna care. I hoped you might. :-*
    +1 #61 Paul Scully 2012-08-20 17:58
    Eric, I am happy to enter into discussion about how I fit into the EDL, but not for others, or it's leadership. They have to own that.
    +1 #62 eric 2012-08-20 22:42
    Fair enough, mate. So, like I said, EDL came to your town and ruined what should have been a great day for the town and a couple of thousand of it's people. What were your feelings about it? Did you care?
    +1 #63 Paul Scully 2012-08-23 21:44
    Forgive my ignorance Eric, but I do not know what happened in Telford. I do not know what event was spoilt or how the Edl spoilt it. Iam not into keeping an eye on every action of the Edl. Please enlighten me. I'm more into the reasons why EDL was set up, opposing Islamic extremism and respecting our troops.I have said before that there are some bad elements of all groups, societies, but we shouldn't tar them all with the same brush.
    +2 #64 eric 2012-08-24 16:37
    Paul, here's what I posted already abut it;-

    "As for the EDL, your leaders chose to have a demo in Telford on the same day that AFC Telford United were due to play their first game of the season against Luton Town at home. Those in the know,including you,will understand that with Luton having a hooligan element and with the EDL leader being one of this element the authorities felt they had no choice but to postpone the game. AFCTU is owned by it's fans, Telfordians just like you. Two and a half thousand of them were robbed of a day out at the football and the club robbed of what should have been it's biggest pay day of the season."

    I'm surprised to learn that you know nothing of this considering it's the only time the organisation you support have done anything in your own town.
    It's estimated that the match cancellation cost the club around 20 grand, a lot of money to a part time, fan owned club.
    +2 #65 eric 2012-08-25 05:07
    This explains it...it, was in the post you replied to with loads of :zzz

    "As for the EDL, your leaders chose to have a demo in Telford on the same day that AFC Telford United were due to play their first game of the season against Luton Town at home. Those in the know,including you,will understand that with Luton having a hooligan element and with the EDL leader being one of this element the authorities felt they had no choice but to postpone the game. AFCTU is owned by it's fans, Telfordians just like you. Two and a half thousand of them were robbed of a day out at the football and the club robbed of what should have been it's biggest pay day of the season.
    Your leaders chose to try to exploit something harmless and pleasurable to ordinary folk and robbed them of it in order to make some misguided point."

    I'm surprised you weren't aware of the EDL demonstrating in your own town.
    -7 #66 maggie 2012-09-09 15:57
    paul, you aint ever been to any demo's. you sit at home and let everyone else do the leg work.you should attend demo's instead of being a keyboard warrior. all you know about demo's is what you have heard. why not come to our next demo in walsall instead of sitting at home and letting others do the work?
    0 #67 The_Experience 2013-01-25 23:42
    Just a correction to all.

    Pork is banned in Judaism and Islam (as for Christianity, it would have been banned but Paul changed a lot of things for Christianity, pork was originally "treyfah" or forbidden, as per Jewish law).

    I think the main reason is that pigs are omnivores - l don't think any carnivores / omnivores are halal / kosher. I've heard it said that chickens are ominivores because they also eat worms, but l don't think worms count. And yes you might find a freak ocurrence of cow eating a bit of meat or whatever (esp. when some plank tries to feed a horse some meat, as was in the news recently), but herbivores are still herbivores.

    In fact, diseases like BSE started when people started feeding herbivores with meat products (what a bright idea, feeding cows with sheep brain).

    Where was l ... oh yes. In the old days, they didn't have fridge freezers, l assume most people would just eat the meat all in one day, sharing it out with the tribe or whatever. So l don't think it's much to do with pork not preserving well in the heat.

    I think pigs are forbidden in Judaism and Islam because they are ominivores, and carnivores are similarly forbidden. Those animals kill in a nasty way (they are animals after all) and they have all sorts of nasty things in their blood. Not much different to eating rat or dog (no offence, but these are both carnivores) - and people that do eat rat / dog have said it's delicious, as do pork afficionadoes.

    Judaism phrases its dietary laws in terms of animals having cloven hooves with horny endings being Kosher, with pigs actually falling into that category but being banned anyway (l could be wrong).

    I suspect the tattoo man just identified with an animal that revels in the filth it generates, and participates in many an intra-familial orgy lol! Seriously though, pigs are cute, love you pig xxx
    0 #68 SLATEDL Supporter 2013-01-26 22:26
    @The_Experience : Well the whole desert existence thing is the primary reason for the preoccupation of Judaism and Islam with cleanliness e.g. the practise of circumcision (btw dead bodies and menstruating women, and anyone who comes into contact with them are all considered unclean in Judaism, Islam and Christianity; according to the book of Leviticus). However, the transition of Christianity to more northern climes meant that many of those aspects fell out of use (anthropologica lly if you think about it makes sense, e.g. if someone died because of a disease they contracted from being in contact with a festering body their death would be considered due to 'divine intervention', however, in European climates it is a lot harder for bodies to fester quickly, thus reducing the chance of infection).

    I'm not sure why pigs are considered unclean, but it's probably not to do with being omnivores (shellfish are considered unclean in Judaism) oh, and btw BSE is connected to the eating of brains more than anything (a tribe with cannibalistic traditions were found to suffer from a form of CJD, particularly amongst groups which were traditionally give brains).
    0 #69 The_Experience 2013-01-27 03:18
    @SLATEDL Supporter
    Thanks for your reply.

    Re: Desert religions requiring cleanliness: I think about half the world has an explicit tradition of cleanliness, not really to do with environment. If environment were a factor then l would guess snowy and sandy deserts would have less disease but l'm no expert.

    Judaism and Islam have rules on ablution based either on performing prayer (can't be dirty at those times) or just common sense (not good to have blood or weewee or poo on one's clothes!).

    Re: coming into contact with menstruating women and dead bodies - this does not cause ritual impurity in Islam or Christianity as far as l am aware, although l think true Christianity should be a continuation of Judaic law at least in bulk.

    Re: Transition of Christianity to more northern climes - Christianity never left the Middle East.

    Re: Dead bodies rotting in hot weather - they rot in just about any climate, unless at the top of a mountain or in the Tundra. I think in most habitable climates they rot about as fast as each other, give or take a day. Just like any meat.

    Re: Pigs & Shellfish. I don't think it's stated in any Abrahamic religion's laws that omnivores and carnivores are forbidden, but that's how it works out. As l've mentioned, there are exceptions which blacklist extra animals. Perhaps shellfish is another such one (for Judaism), alongside donkeys (for Islam). Judaism does get a bit more elaborate - no fish + dairy products together (according to Google this is also forbidden in parts of Paksitan, and it can also cause skin disorders). According to Google, shellfish might also be forbidden in Islam. Perhaps it is because they have to be boiled alive to neutralise their poisons, which is not a clean death. The objective of Halal / Kosher slaughter is as painless a death as possible (e.g. with a sharp knife and one cut) while referring to God's name (to distinguish from random bloodshed). To that end, Jewish Kosher prepared by a Rabbi and meat prepared by a Christian Priest are both acceptable / Halal to Muslims.

    Re: BSE - BSE was caused by feeding cows infected sheep offal, containing bits of infected sheep brain.

    I think the real problem was that cows should not eat meat, regardless of how cool it is to cut costs in the industry. Brains just happened to be a great way to emphasise that point. What l mean is, eating brains itself is probably not the problem (sheep brain is a delicacy from all over the world), but feeding a herbivore meat products is the problem (scientific injunction) and eating any animal that is of a carnivorous / omnivorous species, even if reared on vegetation (traditional religious injunction, with some science to it too).

    Re: Cannibalism and CJD - I think you are referring to the "kuru" problem with the Papuan highlanders. It was considered respectful to eat a dead relative's brains. When the tradition was eradicated, the incidence of "Kuru" was eradicated too. Kuru is, of course, the native name for CJD. CJD is the human version of BSE, but l think FFI (fatal familial insomnia) is another type of "human BSE" - the victim suddenly can't sleep, nothing will make them sleep and they soon die from insomnia - ouch.

    The problem there is a re-hash of my original thesis: It is forbidden (in Abrahamic religions) for a human to eat an omnivore / carnivore. Humans are omnivores, hence it would be forbidden to eat another human. And if you really must eat your fellow man, yep - avoid the brains, because they can mess you up royally! Primary factor = don't eat ominvores / carnivores. Secondary factor = watch out for the brains at least.

    I'm well tired now, so l will leave it there, have fun reading. I don't think l can think of anything more to say on the topic so l probably won't comment anymore lol.
    0 #70 Paulie Clark 2013-10-29 01:42
    Unsubstantiated . UNSUBSTANTIATED . Substantiated.
    -1 #71 Paul Scully-Sloan 2013-10-29 11:47
    I think this has been flogged more than Paul Flower's horse now! ;-)
    0 #72 Maxpayne 2013-11-05 13:32
    I'm still confused....
    is that a real tattoo or poorly photoshopped photo?
    If so, was it the result of a dare, losing a bet or was a vast amount of alcohol based drink involved prior to the tattoo phase being implemented?
    0 #73 Paul Scully-Sloan 2013-11-05 17:19
    be happy in tour confusion :P

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