Why staging is better to be done by a real estate agent?

There are many reasons why staging is better to be left to the real estate agent. If you want a very effective fast sale home then this approach is one we could really suggest you to go for. And before you would start your own research, let's tell you why it's better to leave this all to a real estate professional.

Let's see some of the key reasons:

  • They know what needs to be done: most real estate agencies deal with staging too, they have the relationships and they know what needs to be done according to your needs, the current state of your home and your budget.
  • Unlike someone who is not a pro, a stager will instantly see how your home can be instantly improved, even without the need for too much rented furniture.
  • Staging is best done when it shows a home, which gives the impression someone's living in it without that person exactly living in it. It's like a hotel room. It's best you move out by the time of staging for this exact reason, otherwise maintaining the cleanness and order on a daily basis between the showings will be a real hassle day by day.
  • There are several real estate agencies who actually work with contracted stagers and therefore can quickly do all the moving and staging for you. This is way cheaper than managing and doing staging on your own as stagers work for the agencies for a lower price then they work for clients.
  • It's much more convenient than doing all on your own: you can work, do your everyday things and won't need to 100% concentrate on selling your property. Most people are not aware of all the hassle that goes with selling a house or any home for that matter. You will still have tons to deal with.
  • Most real estate agencies can also deal with the overall cleaning of your house after and during Open House and other showings: If you don't need to deal with it, rather be happy for it.
  • Do not be afraid from the price of staging as mostly it's included in the commission of the real estate agency anyways. Home décor is very expensive. If you started to buy various décor items for your home to show it in its best form, you can actually either forget the decorating is not for your own sake but for the clients' sake but you may actually end up paying a lot more than you normally would for a pro staging.
  • Do you need to sell your home extra quickly because of a home repossession or other mortgage to be paid back? Offer an extra to the client (kitchen appliances for instance).

If I needed to sell my property quickly but need to move and work in the same time; I for sure would leave the whole task to a real estate agent to arrange it for me.