Real estate agent's best tips on staging to sell your home quickly

Staging a home for a fast sale home or for a photoshoot is a bit like setting the stage before a play or a movie starts: everything has to be on its place and everything must look effortless. This is a work of an art and therefore not everyone can make it happen. Hereby we would like to give you a few tips on how to deal with staging, to decide if you can afford the process.

Staging involves the rearranging of furniture, the packing out of furniture and oftentimes bringing in rental furniture which is offered specifically for staging purposes, in order to make a home look it's very best before selling.

How to find the best staging professionals:

  • If you have a trusted real estate agency, they will get you a good staging pro and will also arrange everything with respect to the whole process. This is by far the easiest and most effortless way to go, even if it can cost slightly more than you would like to pay. In return your home can be sold at a much higher price than you have imagined.
  • Before any staging is done sit down with your agent and have an honest talk: if you don't have the budget for doing a staging or can only afford a low budget solution, tell it right away. There are lots of decorating and self-staging you can still do on your own.
  • There are real estate agents who can help you with fast sale home and in parallel they can also help you find a home, this way waiting times and times spent in hotels are greatly minimised.
  • Before staging however the stager and the real estate agent will consult you and let you know about all the the fixtures and renovation which must be done before the selling and staging process can even get started. Be prepared your home needs to be repainted but have it checked well before doing so, as some other fixture process may ruin the fresh paint if that's applied before a fixture or plumbing or electric work needs to be done.
  • If you want to deal with things by yourself, you can easily locate staging companies in your area. The websites would surely show lots of examples of their work. Try to choose one who also takes the budget in great consideration and doesn't want to do too big changes, because that will be the cheapest solution.
  • Self-staging is for sure the cheapest option although it's also the most time consuming too. If you feel you can do this based on what you have and what you can add to it, then try it on your own.

Check out decorating and staging tips online, there are tons of websites which have been focusing on home décor, so you can surely find tons of tips there. Only pay attention to one thing: home décor costs a lot. Let's not end up paying more for home decor than you would pay for a simple staging.